10 Toronto Food Trucks You Need To Check Out

Food trucks are hard to find in Toronto thanks to the numerous limitations. Read on for 15 Toronto food trucks your taste buds will not want to miss.

Food trucks are hard to find in Toronto thanks to the numerous limitations. But that means you can eat at any of these places without worrying about your digestive system punishing you the next day! Read on for 15 Toronto food trucks your taste buds will not want to miss.

1. Gourmet Gringos

Everyone loves Mexican food and this food truck definitely delivers the authenticity we all crave. Tacos, burritos, empanadas and quesadillas come with many mouth-watering filling options. The best part is that they have choices for vegetarians and vegans and almost everything on the menu is under $10. Plus they have gourmet catering and multiple locations across the city so it really can’t get any better than this. You don’t have to take my word, this food truck has been on the streets since 2012 and it won the People’s Choice Award at AwesTRUCK in 2013! Details can be found on their website

2. Me.n.u Food Truck

This food truck serves Asian-inspired street food but some of the dishes have a beautiful Canadian twist. Their most popular dish are handmade fried rice balls stuffed with meat or veggies and once you try them you will see why. They also serve poutines with different toppings and roti tacos, so this food truck is a unique hit. They also cater so that’s a great positive. Grab your adventurous friend and give this food truck a try! Find out their location on their website here.


3. The Harvest Sandwich Shop

This is another unique food truck, but for a completely different reason. It is the 1st nonprofit food truck in Canada, created with a mission to create work experience and jobs for youth and re-directing proceeds to supplement funding for Living Rock’s Rock Resources and Food Services Programs, and its bright and lively colors foster a happy atmosphere for these disadvantaged kids to thrive in. They serve hearty and delicious soups and sandwiches and cater as well. Do make sure to visit, have a satisfying lunch, and support a great cause.

4. Mr. Pierogi

If you love Pierogi, you’ll love this. You can choose between savory and sweet, choose from 20 different toppings, and top it off with a sauce of your choice. Check out this website for more details here.


5. BeaverTails

I don’t know about you, but I love pastries. Especially when the delicious whole-wheat pastries are hand-stretched, then float cooked and served piping hot, topped with butter and your choice of delectable flavors. They’ve been making these since 1978, so they know what they’re doing! Find more info here.

6. Dobro Jesti

This bright red food truck is a bit more gourmet than the other ones mentioned but that’s still great for Instagram pictures without having to waste time in restaurants. This is Canada’s first food truck that serves schnitzel as well as other European eats. Of course, they do catering as well. Oh, and they got a Certificate of Appreciation for their Chili at the 3rd annual Caledonia Community Cook Off! Details can be found here. 

7. Mami’s Food Truck

A mix of Southern and Northern Indian cuisine with a Toronto twist, this food truck is delicious, traditional, healthy, and gives you the warm feeling of homemade food. They buy ingredients from premium sources and everything is made fresh daily! You can find more details here.


8. SUSHITTO On the Road Food Truck

They serve phorittos!! It’s basically all the rich flavors of pho wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. It took them a year to finally nail the recipe and I’m so glad they did, because these are amazing. And they’re only $10!! You could easily share these because they’re so filling. This food truck is usually located College Street after 11 pm. Keep an eye on their Instagram for updates!


9. Little Havana Café Truck

This is a café on wheels that serves authentic Cuban coffee. They don’t serve meals but they have wonderful snacks to go along with their large variety of beverages- perfect for the summer! They even have popsicles if you’re not in the mood for a drink. Definitely stop and try them if you get the chance. These Toronto food trucks are serving drinks out of a renovated 55-year-old trailer, so it’s hard to miss!

10. Feedthe6

This final food truck has a menu that beautifully incorporates the diverse Toronto culture. Their menu items include jerk chicken sandwiches, jerk chicken quesadillas, Tibetan beef dumplings, kimchi fried rice, tacos and burgers. If you get the chance try their spicy Korean beef tacos, those had people speechless.

Hope you enjoy your Toronto food trucks adventure!

Do you know any other amazing Toronto food trucks? Let us know down below!
Featured image source: Pinterest.com
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