10 Toronto Food Trucks You Need To Check Out

Toronto food trucks are excellent. Check out the best Toronto food trucks. These food trucks offer a variety of fun foods that are delicious. Check it out

The Toronto street food scene is teeming with amazing food trucks. Whether you’re looking for authentic ethnic food from around the world, a new twist on a popular dish, or entirely new dessert creations, Toronto food trucks will serve. Here are ten Toronto food trucks that you should try right now!

1. The Food Dudes

Run by veterans of the Toronto food truck industry, The Food Dudes offers creative options such as the popular Mac & Cheese Balls and Cap’n Crunch Tacos. While it doesn’t focus on a specific cuisine, its menu is very diverse and innovative.

2. Mr. Pierogi

This pierogi (polish dumplings) food truck offers many innovative and eclectic menu items. It serves various kinds of pierogies such as cheeseburger pirogues or dessert pierogies. Its dishes are also customizable; you can select from 20 toppings options.


3. Fidel Gastro’s

Fidel Gastro’s is the proud holder of the title of Canada’s top food truck by Canadian Living Magazine. It serves a rotating menu of barbecued sandwiches and different street food dishes that don’t require utensils.

4. Queen Arepa

Specializing in Venezuelan cuisine, Queen Arepa offers delicious arepas (savoury bread pockets) and cachapas (sweetcorn crepes). There’s a range of home-made stuffings to choose from and all the items on the menu are gluten-free.

5. Beavertails

Beavertails offers authentic Canadian dishes such as poutines and float fried dough pastries. Its wide variety of pastries and toppings make it a sure-fire destination for satisfying your cravings.


6. Little Havana Cafe

Little Havana Cafe is a twist on conventional food trailers. It’s more of a mobile cafe than a mobile restaurant. It offers tasty Cuban coffee and different Caribbean pastries and snacks.

7. The Kathi Roll Eats

Looking for Indian street food? Then you should head to The Kathi Roll Eats. The food truck is run by the restaurant The Kathi Roll Express and offers similar menu items, including biryani platters and chaats.

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8. Eva’s Original Chimneys

If you’re craving doughnut cones, Eva’s Original Chimneys should be your destination. It is famous for a range of Hungarian pastries and desserts made from natural and organic ingredients. Their dough is vegan and they offer a range of vegan topics as well.

9. Sushiburri Toronto

SushiBurri is your go-to food truck for amazing sushi creations. Not only does it offer delicious sushi burritos, it also serves poke salads and yakitori.

10. Caplansky’s

Run by the well-known College Street deli, Caplansky’s is one of Toronto’s most popular food trucks. It serves various deli staples as well as more creative options. Their menu includes sandwiches, sliders, donuts, and other deli treats.

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