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Top 10 People You Always Run Into At Wilfrid Laurier University

Top 10 People You Always Run Into At Wilfrid Laurier University

Being a student at the University of Toronto has it's ups and downs, just like any other university. But this is a typical day of a student at UofT!

Even though Wilfrid Laurier University isn’t a small school, it is a very close knit community. I’m sure you’ve noticed the same people walking to class when you are, the same people in the dining halls and at the library. Keep reading for the top 10 people you always run into at Wilfrid Laurier University.

1. The athletes!

Laurier is known for our stellar athletics programs, and our awesome varsity athletics clothing makes it easy to spot athletes around campus. They will most likely all be carrying the same backpack or wearing the same jacket,and they definitely travel in packs!

2. Pose4Kha – Kha Vo

Whether you are into sports or not, you likely know who this is. Kha is the WLU’s sports photographer, he spends his time taking amazing photographs of all of our athletes in action, but don’t worry he does portraits too!



3. Your one night stand.

One night stands at Laurier don’t go unnoticed, because WLU is such a small campus, you are likely to run into your one night stand at some point or another around campus.

4. Concourse crew.

This is the group or groups of people that you will always run into at the concourse, whether they are socializing or actually studying, the concourse is their second home.


5. That one person you know, but don’t really know.

Because Laurier is such a small school, you likely have a list of people that you are on a “hi/bye” basis with. Even though you run into them all around campus, or out on the town, you never take the time to actually become friends with them.

6. Your professor.

At WLU it’s not unusual to find your professor in the Starbucks line or working out at the gym, professors are easily approachable and always around campus!


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7. The kid that questions everything.

This is the kid that usually sits in the front of the classroom and never fails to raise their hand for every single question or probably raising their hand to tell their professor that they are wrong..

8. The dog walker.

This is possibly the most wanted person on campus, at WLU you can volunteer to be a guide dog trainer, meaning that many student on campus will have dogs with them on campus at all times, which will always brighten up your day!


9. The overly involved person.

This is the person that seems to be a member of every club and team, they are likely always on campus busy with one of their many activities and they likely know a lot of people on campus!

10. The “I don’t care about anything” person.

This is the person that is the opposite of the involved. These are people you always run into at Wilfrid Laurier University that you wish you didn’t. This is the person that is likely complaining about one thing or another and doesn’t want to be a member of anything. Let’s just say they are boring.

Are there other types of people you always run into at Wilfrid Laurier University? Comment below and share the article!
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