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Top 5 Easy House Plants For New Plant Moms

Top 5 Easy House Plants For New Plant Moms

You may have seen house plants slowly overtaking your friend’s apartments over Instagram. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to know whether or not you have a green thumb, (or black thumb). Maybe you just want to fit in. Maybe you’re just bored. Either way, here are some of the best easy house plants a new plant mom like you can add to your home!

1. Snake Plant

Now the name of this plant might sound shady, but that’s because it thrives in the shade! Is your home located in a basement, or perhaps just has very little windows or light? Don’t worry about it! As long as you have some amount of sunshine streaming through your room, this is such an easy house plant to have on hand. Snake plants can even thrive in a windowless office cubicle! Just be sure to water it only once its soil dries up. These easy house plants can live with irregular and infrequent watering. Overwatering the snake plant can cause it to rot. This means that if you’re not great at keeping a schedule, these easy house plants will manage just fine! Keep in mind however, this plant is not exactly pet friendly. If you have a dog or cat that loves nibbling on vegetation, steer clear, this plant could get them pretty sick. This goes for a couple different kinds of house plants and they can affect dogs and cats differently. Always be sure to do your research first!


2. Cactus/Succulent

Now if your home has some nice sunny areas, this is the best house plant to place on your windowsill. The water and attention needed to care for cacti and succulents is minimal; a couple teaspoons of water will do. What will kill these house plants is too much water. They can develop root rot and die. Remember, these are desert plants, so if you are forgetful about watering them, they are likely to survive an extra week, or month. This makes cacti and succulents very easy house plants to care for. If you’re really lucky, sometimes these plants can flower and leave beautiful blooms to cherish. Cacti and succulents also do really well in terrariums together. If you have enough succulents you can start making your own beautiful terrariums. The variety of different cacti and succulents you can choose from is mind-boggling. They come in every shape and shade of colour you can think of! If you have a specific colour palette for your home decor, you can surely find an easy house plant such as these to match your unique style.

3. Pothos

Also known as the devil’s ivy, pothos plants are hard to kill. They do really well as long as there’s indirect sunlight and about a cup of water every couple of days or when your soil starts to feel dry. The pothos actually doesn’t need a whole lot of sun to grow, in fact too much sun can burn the leaves. There is something magical about plants that grow in vines. If you’re wishing to turn your apartment into a jungle-like escape, the pothos is one of many easy house plants that help give your apartment a fresh new look with a relaxing vibe. The pothos can be propagated too! 


To propagate a pothos plant you must first take a cutting off the end of your plant near a node. A node is where leaves sprout from your plant and where roots can grow too. Once you have cut a section of vine from your pothos plant, you will want to place the node in water. Once the plant cutting is submerged in water, it will start to grow roots. You can either leave the section of pothos vine in water indefinitely, or plant it into another pot as a brand new pothos. With enough determination and patience, you can eventually fill your entire house with these suckers. No extra cost to do so. 


4. Inch Plant

Much like a pothos plant, the inch plant, or also widely known as the wandering jew plant, grows rapidly and is easy to propagate. These aren’t just easy house plants to take care of, they’re also very beautiful. The leaves on the inch plant are a striped mix of purple and green with a silver sparkling sheen to them. Inch plants just need some steady sunshine each day and water only when its soil is dry. If you’re looking for a new hobby, growing inch plants is a super rewarding way to decorate your house.

5. Pancake Plant

The pancake plant, or Chinese money plant, is known for its round and flat pancake-like leaves which spread out from its stem like flat planets in orbit. This is an easy house plant that loves sitting near your sunny window. This plant only needs some water about once a week, so having time on a lazy Sunday morning is the perfect way to give yourself some much needed me time and plant time.

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Once this mama plant has matured it will start growing little baby pancake plants at the base of its stem. How cute! Now I don’t know if you’ve heard of iHop’s endless pancake deal, but it is also possible to get more of this plant for free! You can pull the little babies off of the base of the pancake plant stem and place them in water until they develop roots, then you can plant them in another tiny pot and voilà! Another free pancake plant. If you’re running out of gift ideas, plant propagations are a cheap and easy way to bring joy to those you care about.


This is your chance to go and turn your home into your dream, plant-filled oasis. People are a part of nature too, so bringing some home with you is a great way to make your space more beautiful. Taking care of plants might seem like a difficult task, but that’s why these suggestions can help make being a plant mom a relaxing and fun experience.

Do you have another favourite easy house plant in mind? Let me know in the comments below!

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