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Top 10 Worst First Date Ideas

Top 10 Worst First Date Ideas

Dating is a fun way to get out there and meet people, but there could be a little pressure on the first date. Here is a list of the worst first date ideas.

Dating is a fun way to get out there and meet people, but there could be a little pressure on the first date. Here is a list of the worst first date ideas.

A Wedding

Weddings are occasions where people who love each other invite everyone else they love to watch them celebrate their love. Key word is: love. Save this for further along in the relationship when those “when is your save the date going out”. It might be a good idea to know each others last name before you watch other someone take another person last name.

A Family Dinner

Keep in mind this is your first date, you are still getting to know your date. Do you want to get to know his/her whole family on the first date? I think not


A Religious Event

Religion is a touchy subject, especially when you are just getting to know someone. A religious event may not be the best idea to get to know each other, and its not really appropriate.

A Camping Trip

Camping, or the great outdoors are not really for everyone. Not including the bugs or the non existent washrooms that feel clean, this is just messy.

A Shooting Range

First dates should be cute, and fun, and should avoid all controversial topics, gun control being one of these topics. A shooting range is probably not a good idea.


An Extreme Sport

Extreme sports are tricky, not only with the fact that you are cheating death. Jumping out of a plane is definitely not appropriate on date one. She didn’t put on high heels in order for them to be lost base jumping or white water rafting or whatever else people do when they’re bored and have little regard for their lives.

The Zoo

Now who doesn’t love animals, everyone right, but you know who loves them more, little kids and their parents. You really want to be one your first day with someone surrounded by a whole bunch of little kids, and lets not forget about the smell that comes with the zoo. Pick something less stinky and something with a smaller reminder of what could be your future.

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The Beach

So the beach. Its a nice day and its right there. So what are you suppose to do, make sand castles together? I don’t think so. Sit down on the sat and talk, and then get sand in places you definitely do not want sand? Don’t think so.


A Movie 

Well this is just brilliant, because you will have like two hours to really talk and get to know each other. No don’t think so. You aren’t going to get to know someone by sitting in a movie theatre where you can’t talk.


At Your House

Nothing tells her more that you don’t care, then inviting her over to your house for the first date. What are you guys going to play board games and are you going to show her/him around your childhood home? Save the house invite until you know a little more about her/him.

What are some other worst first date ideas? Share in the comments below!
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