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To All The Boys That Played With My Feelings

To All The Boys That Played With My Feelings

To All The Boys That Played With My Feelings

Throughout my life, I had those situations when guys were just playing with my feelings, and this made me wonder – how exactly can you check HIS feelings and if he has intentions to play with yours? Life lessons have made me learn to not wear pink glasses: be sure to learn everything about the guy that you have chosen because a lot of parts of your life, as well as mental health, depend on it. It is worth remembering the famous phrase said by Sharon Stone: “Only women can imitate an orgasm, but men can imitate a whole relationship.” It turns out that a lot of men just play with your feelings, but do you really want to participate in such a game?

What I have learned of how the real feelings of a guy appear to be like:

You do not have the feeling that you lack his love- in return, you get as much love from a man as you give away. Your man has a desire to take care of you. If you are sick, he will look after you, he will feel sorry for you.  It is important for him to know your opinion, and he will always be interested in how are you doing, what you do in his absence, what you care about, what you are interested in. Your man loves to kiss you and will do it on any occasion. He will confess his love, although not immediately, which indicates that he had been thinking about saying it for a long time. Your man will be afraid of losing you.

What I have learned of how «not so real» feelings of a guy appear to be like:

You have a feeling that your man does not allow you in all parts of your life. It seems to you that he is hiding something, keeps back. The man does not tell you about the ex-girlfriends, although you already told him about your past loves. Such behavior of a man may indicate that he does not trust you. Your man doesn’t care about your opinion. His decision, even if it concerns both and you happen to disagree with him, will still be the last. He does not care about you, even if you really need help, and he does not attempt to introduce you to his friends. Already on the second date, or even at the end of the first date, he floods you with compliments and even confesses eternal love to you.


What I have learned of when a guy has absolutely no feelings to you:

Your man has never expressed his feelings for you. You have not heard even a single warm phrase, nor speaking of declarations of love. It’s just that simple.

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So, to all the boys that have played with my feelings:

From my experience, it’s not easy to find somebody that truly cares about you. Some guys did play and hurt my feelings, but honestly, after stepping away from those kinds of toxic relationships, I have realized that everything is fine and there is so much more to look forward in this life, rather than simply being in a relationship with somebody. So yes, to all the boys that have ever played with my feelings, I want to say a big thank you – for giving me those life lessons that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. If I would have to experience this, I would probably still be sad about another guy and not even enjoy my life and the opportunities it has. Thank you, next!

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