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Tips I Wish I Knew Before UBC Orientation

Tips I Wish I Knew Before UBC Orientation

You’ve got a big day ahead of you, and we have the tips to get you through it. Here are 11 tips I wish I knew before UBC orientation.

You’ve got a big day ahead of you, and we have the tips to get you through it. Here are 11 tips for UBC orientation.

1. Screenshot, print, or draw a map and take down your group number.

First thing’s first: in the couple weeks before Imagine Day, you will receive an email detailing which group you’ve been assigned to and where to meet. Make a point of writing the group name and number down somewhere (phone, paper, hand) and finding where exactly you are supposed to meet the next morning. If you don’t have data, make sure to save a map beforehand. This will save you a little time and a lot of frustration in the morning.

2. Leave a little earlier than you think you need to on the morning of UBC orientation.

Better to show up slightly early and relaxed, than halfway through orientation and frazzled. Actually, this one might be a good tip for life in general.



3. Find a buddy that’s also in your group.

Chances are, one of your neighbors/someone on your floor/in your building/in the dining hall is in the exact same group as you for Imagine Day. Find them and don’t let them go.

4. Bring an umbrella.

Or you and said buddy will make it to your destination soaked head to toe, because it didn’t look like it was going to rain, but surprise, it did. Welcome to Vancouver; glad you could make it.


5. Make sure to eat a big breakfast and bring a small snack.

Lunch is provided during imagine day, but if you’re one of the many people who suffer from hangry syndrome when they haven’t eaten every two hours, this is a lifesaver.


6. Talk to the people around you.

The students in your group are all in your major. Talk to them! You’ll probably see them in class this week. Make nice.


7. But don’t worry if you’re having trouble connecting with the people in your group.

This is just a small sampling of the people you’re going to meet during your time at UBC. Don’t sweat it if you’re nervous or just not hitting it off; there will be plenty more people to meet come class time.

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8. There is free lunch.

NOM. But make sure if you have dietary restrictions to let your advisor know, or simply bring your own alternative.


9. You might get lost; don’t sweat it.

If you get separated from your group halfway though the day, don’t worry. If you cant find your group, ask one of the Imagine Day volunteers, and maybe tag along with another group. It’s just another chance to meet new people.

10. Sign up for clubs.

If you see something you think looks cool, put your name down. It can’t hurt to try something new!

11. Take it all in.

Yes, you’re standing in the place where the Whitecaps practice. Yes, the Canucks have played here too. Yes, if you’re new to Canada, you might not know what any of that means; you will learn. And yes, this is awesome. Don’t forget to stop and take a second and remember you’re starting the next chapter of your life. You can make it whatever you want it to be. After all, Tuum Est.

Are you excited for UBC Orientation? Comment below with any questions!
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