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10 Tips On Surviving Grade 12

10 Tips On Surviving Grade 12

Surviving grade 12 is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges of a student’s academic career. Senior year can be overwhelming if you apply to college or university and it can be hard to keep up with your social life and grades, but it’s possible, and you can graduate! Here’s 10 tips on how to survive grade 12:

1. Skipping classes isn’t the way to survive grade 12 – it’s quite the opposite.

Skipping classes once in awhile is okay, but constantly skipping classes becomes a bad habit and lowers the chances of surviving grade 12.

2. Study hard!

Work hard! Hard work makes a huge difference. All grades in grade 12 matter because this is the year you decide if you want to go to a university or a college. Universities and colleges always consider marks and the number of classes attended.



3. Keeping organized makes time and management easy.

Organization plays a huge part in surviving grade 12. It made a difference in my daily studying routine, and hopefully,  it will change yours too. Organizing a day to day schedule can make surviving grade 12 easier.

4. Try new things.

The same routine every single day is going to make life a little boring. Spice your routine up by trying new food or going new places. Grade 12 would be more exciting when spiced up!


5. Develop a healthy relationship with peers and teachers.

Create friends with various diversified peers and groups. Everyone has something that helps you grow as a person. It is really difficult to get through high school without friends. They are always there for you and so are your teachers.

6. Be fashionably early, rather than late.

Wake up early in the morning, get ready and be punctual.



7. Goals, goals, and more goals!

Setting realistic goals can create more motivation and a positive space to get through high school. Goals are the first step to motivating yourself to get through grade 12.

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8. Stay active!

A great way to clear minds and de-stress about school is by getting active. Going for a run or working out can help you. Different workouts everyday helps too.


9. Join a club.

Joining a club can be a great way to meet new peers and teachers who share the same interests. From Me to We to Badminton Club, they’re all interesting and a great way to spend a little time away from books.

10. Look your best!

Slay and get through grade 12 by mix and matching clothes from different styles and pulling it off. Even if it’s sweats and and a sweater, or a cute scarf with a cute top and high-waisted jeans works too. This is the easiest part of surviving high school!


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