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6 Tips For Waterloo Course Selection

6 Tips For Waterloo Course Selection

Choosing courses can be a very difficult task, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been attending university for a day or for all of your life. It’s helpful to listen to the students who have been there before you. So keep reading for six helpful tips for Waterloo course selection!

1. Figure out what your mandatory courses and electives options are.

First things first, you have to figure out what your mandatory courses are, and what your elective options are here. Just click under your faculty then click the faculty’s academic plan then find your specific program.

2. Find what’s available using Waterloo’s course index.

Use Waterloo’s course index to look at all of the courses available to you, and to figure out which ones you’d like to enroll here. Remember that for the most part all of your mandatory courses are automatically selected for you via Quest, so browse for your elective options mostly.



3. Use the Quest guide for selecting your courses.

Officially selecting your courses via Quest for the first time is a little ‘bit strange since you haven’t really used the platform before. So, use this guide here to make things a little ‘bit easier.

4. View your schedule to make sure it looks right to you.

Once you’ve selected your courses, you’d naturally want to view your schedule. So, when the schedules are released you have one of two options: either view it on Quest (which is difficult to read, and organize) or on UofW Portal– which is easier to read, and looks like a legitimate calendar-esque schedule.


To access your schedule just go under the ‘WIDGETS’ title, and click on classes. Then simply select “VIEW ALL CLASSES IN YOUR CALENDAR.” From there you can see your class, and overall school schedule. You can sort it by day, week, and month.


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5. If you want to change your schedule, look at Waterloo’s schedule of classes and see if your desired courses actually fit.

Say you look at your schedule, and for whatever reason you want to change it up. The best way to do that is by looking at Waterloo’s schedule of classes.

Through this, you can find the courses you want to change or swap, and find their available times to see if they FIT with your schedule. You can also check out the courses capacity, and the number of people who are already enrolled in it. Usually swapping your course with another course is easier than getting rid of one course, and adding a new one.

So, here’s a link explaining how to do so.


6. Use the Waterloo support line if you need it.

If your lost or have any lingering questions don’t be afraid to call Waterloo’s support at 519-888-4567.

What are some other helpful tips for Waterloo course selection? Comment below for our readers and share this article with friends!

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