10 Tips For The Perfect Spray Tan

With winter on its way many of us are feeling pretty snow white.  So you’re interested in beating the pale girl blues with a perfect spray tan?  Don’t forget these ten trusty tips that will help give you the flawless glow that you’re looking for!

1. Select a lighter shade than you think necessary.

Don’t start by selecting a dark shade if it doesn’t suit your natural skin tone.  Trust us, colour saturation increases big time!

2. Securely tie back your hair.

There’s nothing worse than a few fly-aways getting in the way of an even tan.  Keep those locks up and out of your face for best results.

3. Be cautious of shower cap placement.

The cap on top of your head is also vital.  Be sure not to cover up your ears or you’ll be in for some obvious discolouration!

4. Transition lotion your nooks and crannies.

The tanning salon will most likely provide a transition lotion to use before your tan, so use it!  This cream will help to avoid creasing in tricky areas like around your fingers.

5. Add bronzer.

If optional, adding a bronzing booster to your tan can help to make the colour more natural. Bronzers can often take the tan from orange-y to glow-y.

6. Select a scent.

A scent is necessary in order to mask and minimize that artificial tan smell.

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7. Don’t move.

Remember to stay still for an even finish all over!

8. Avoid tacky tanning stickers.

Tanning stickers have a tendency to make spray tans look a little more artificial which is definitely not the look you should be going for.

9. Purchase some matching makeup.

Make sure that you purchase foundation that matches your newly tanned skin.  You wouldn’t want a mismatching face!

10. Moisturize.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize to preserve your tan for as long as possible!

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Samantha Diehl

Sammie is a first year Marketing Management student at the University of Guelph whose passions include dance, yoga, fashion, and trying new foods. She strives to find artistic beauty in every aspect of life and hopes to continue make eyeopening discoveries by one day traveling the world.

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