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7 Tips For Life After College

7 Tips For Life After College

An article about what to with life after college. This features essential advice that most people forget while trying to keep their head above water.

After struggling through all the painfully complex finals, writing your elaborate thesis, acing or failing your many classes, you’ve done it! You’re free from the shackles of the educational institution and ready to experience the exciting life after it! Let’s ignore the bothersome loans you’ll have to pay off in for at least a few minutes and consider some useful tips for life after college.

1.  Find A Hobby

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” as they say. Nobody likes boring people during or before college so it’s fair to say they won’t enjoy them after college. The solution? Find or reconnect with an interesting hobby you used to love doing before or during college. Playing an instrument or the latest video game, knitting yourself some clothes, or learning new recipes, find something that you love and can get lost in and that you do for yourself alone.

2. Sweat Out the Stress

We live in stressful times and we rarely get the occasion to shed that stress in productive manners. There are obvious places to fix that problem for you like the gym but with this miraculous and relatively unknown search engine called Google, you can find all manners of ways to work out without saddling yourself with a monthly subscription or feeling awkward while surrounded by muscular people you might find intimidating!


3. Keep A Steady Group of Friends

Let’s face it: human beings are social creatures. While some people can pretend that they’re lone wolves who can go through life as an unshakable island, most people need someone to talk to about their problems or simply to have a casual conversation with. For this reason, having a group of friends you can rely upon even after college can be an unsung treasure in an extremely busy week or month.

4. Keep Working Towards Your Goal

Finishing college doesn’t mean everything is neatly wrapped up in your life. If you’ve got an untouched goal in mind, try to take the necessary steps to get it done. Set some weekly, monthly, or yearly goals while balancing everything else in your life. It can also help provide some structure for life after college.

5. Try to see Family

If you’re on good terms with your family, try to see them every once in a while. It can be a pleasant experience to see them again especially if you’ve been living on your own and far away from them. (This message brought to you in part by your parents!)

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6. Relax!

It might be extremely obvious for most, but I am talking to those who are putting in their 110% every day without any rest: slow down! You might get closer to your goals or get a promotion earlier than most but rushing through life like this can wear you down to the bone. Pull the brakes once in a while and get off this wild ride you’re on before you get a premature stroke!

7. Expand Your Horizons

Consider traveling for a few weeks, or just exploring the city you’re in on an off day. Getting stuck in a loop can be deceptively easy and it’s important to go outside the lines you make for yourself. The same could be said of course for these tips themselves! If you feel yourself being locked into all these rules and engagements you’ve pledged yourself to, don’t be afraid to distance yourself physically from your problems if only for a short period of time.


With all of this in mind, we can only hope this article will provide a measure of help for anyone who’s currently struggling out there! It’s always a bit concerning and obvious when you see these types of lists online Hopefully, these tips will be of use for you all! They can be a flexible framework for how you’ll handle this new year. Nevertheless, self-improvement is neither instantaneous nor is it something you plan. It is a constant process we must all strive to achieve.
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