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7 Tips For Grade 12 Students Before Starting Uni

7 Tips For Grade 12 Students Before Starting Uni

Grade 12 students, do you feel sad, yet happy? Do you feel nostalgic, yet excited? Are you overcome with emotions because it’ll all be over in a few months, but also because you’re glad it happened as perfectly as it did, and that you’ve got more memories than you could have ever wished for? Those are usually the feelings most of us have. Whether high school was horrible for you, whether it was just boring, or maybe the best time in your life yet; you’ll miss it one day. You’ll miss the simplicity, the friends, the enemies, the stress that you thought was insurmountable. Keep reading for 7 tips for grade 12 students before starting Uni!

1. Make every new day an excuse for you to go out and do something new.

2. Take every good opportunity just for the heck of it and never shy away from a challenge that would end with you becoming a better version of you.


3. Party at least once like it’s your last day on Earth!

4. Your friends will change.

Your friends might not be there when you graduate.


5. Study and work like you’re the only person smart enough to pull it off.

Because one bad grade and you might just regret it for the rest of your career.


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6. Tell your crush that you like them!

7. Spend time with your friends making great memories.

They’ll get all of you through the tough times in life.

High School is/was an….’interesting place’. The least you can do is give it a proper send off!

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