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10 Tips For Getting Into Your Back To School Routine

10 Tips For Getting Into Your Back To School Routine

After a summer off, it's hard to get back into the swing of things when classes start back up. Here are 10 tips for your back to school routine!
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If you’re like most freshman at this time of the year, you’ve got your bag already packed, your books organized and your outfit for the first day already chosen. If you’re more like me, you probably have less then a week to pack and you’re sitting in bed reading articles like this one trying to find the back to school motivation you need. It’s important to have a schedule planned out to get you back into the swing of things. Here are the top 10 tips for getting into your back to school routine!

1. Start rising with the sun

No I don’t mean get up at 4am when the sun rises, but do start getting up before 10am. There’s nothing harder than getting out of bed on your first day  of class after staying up until 4 the night before. Its time to give up on those late summer nights and start being a little more responsible. Start getting up at the same time everyday to set yourself up with a healthier sleep schedule to help your performance in school.

2. Get physical

Nothing says wake up and start your day like forcing yourself to go to the gym. Planning to go to the gym everyday gives you a reason to get out of bed before 12. Getting into the habit of working out, even if it’s just a light workout, will help keep you motivated to stay active during the school year and bust that freshman 15.


3. Rearrange your study area

Whether you’re staying at home or living on residence, a little change will go a long way. Nothing puts you more in the mood for back to school like getting excited over your new and improved study area!

4. Purchase new school supplies!

Another fan favourite for back to school prep is buying new school supplies. It’s super fun and you’ll be over the moon excited to tryout your new gear.

5. Plan how you’re going to decorate your room

If you’re moving away from home, it’s a great idea to plan out how you want your new dorm/apartment to look. By doing DIYs and buying new stuff, you’ll be practically jumping out of your seat to get to school and set up.


6. Organize your backpack

By preparing your stuff beforehand you’ll not only get yourself in the school mood, but you’ll also be ready for your first day. This will help reduce stress when your first day does actually roll around. Also, decorating your binders and preparing your bullet journal is just super fun!

7. Make a hype playlist

Whether this playlist is for studying, working out or your walk to class everyday, nothing gets you more excited for something like making the perfect playlist.

8. Experiment with new recipes

Get on board the back to school train this year by starting it off right. In the few days leading up to school, start experimenting with new recipes to help keep you fit and maybe save a buck or two.

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9. First day outfit

This one is a big one. Let’s face it, your first day of school is going to be hectic. With new routines, new classes and new faces everywhere. Help save yourself sometime in the morning by planning your outfit the night before, one less thing for you to worry about.

10. Check out your campus!

The best way to get excited for your first day is to actually explore your campus. Nothing gets you more in the mood for school like checking out all the new and exciting things waiting for you.



Do you have any other tips for getting into your back to school routine!? Share in the comments below!

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