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20 Times Being A High School Student Seemed So Much Worse Than It Actually Was

20 Times Being A High School Student Seemed So Much Worse Than It Actually Was

Being a high school student is not easy. And if you do find it to be easy, you’re either one of the select few or you’re not being completely truthful. When you are a high school student, not only are you trying to keep up with your academics and personal growth, but you’re also trying to find your place in the world. To add some humor and light to being a high school student, we have compiled 20 times when being a high school student seemed way worse than it actually was. Keep reading for a good, relatable laugh!

1. Thinking every other fellow high school student was the worst.

Not everyone in High School was the same, but the majority of people were still approachable. The only reason it was sometimes difficult to approach people was because many of us had baseless notions about each other.



2. Believing those “exams” were actually difficult.

Exams were usually hyped up to be the most difficult events of the year, but for the most part they were made up of somewhat simplified versions of previous tests; that all just got condensed into one exam.

3. Feeling awkward to go all out for school spirit week as a high school student.

Sometimes it felt a ‘bit awkward to be involved in the school’s spirit events, but it really wasn’t. I mean no one’s going to make fun of you for having school spirit; it’s usually one of those things people least judge you for. It’s basically enough of the norm to be socially acceptable.




4. Rolling your eyes at small, spontaneous quizzes.

Now we would do anything for small, frequent, opportunities to raise our grades. Tests weren’t obviously as stressful as exams, but they were usually easier to study for as there was less content, and so there was no reason to really fret.


5. Not joining a club because you were afraid of what other people would think.

Clubs weren’t really all that bad. They’re were kind of a good avenue to meet people, and gain some form of skills for ‘stuff’.


6. Feeling afraid to ask questions in class.

Yes it may have seemed stupid, yes it may have seemed unnecessary, but just remember if it helped it was worth it. Being looked at slightly awfully, temporarily; was better than failing a test…


7. Hating having to read the books and write papers in English class.

Okay, for a good number of people English was the most hated class right? But why? It’s so sweet you can make up literally anything. It’s one of the only classes where you didn’t have to remember anything…



8. Feeling annoyed at the repetition of classes and schedules.

High school is undoubtedly repetitive, and this repetition can lead to a sort of tunnel vision. This tunnel vision could have been easily avoided if people just tried to make the most out of it.

9. The super awkward feeling of walking alone in the hallway with another high school student and not knowing whether to say hi or ignore them.

I can’t be the only one who’s dreaded the hallway walk, like sometimes you see somebody like an on-or-off friend or some sort of casual acquaintance walking down the hallway. Then you get stuck in this sort of weird fringy grey area where you don’t know whether to say hi, or to just pretend to ignore them. Honestly though, it probably wasn’t that big of a deal. A simple hi would’ve almost gotten rid of all the awkwardness in almost every situation.



10. Feeling as if summer was way too short.

The wait for summer was too real, but if you made the most of your year it would’ve come quicker.

11. Being afraid to express your opinions freely if you disagreed with someone.

There were countless times where people avoided sharing their opinions publicly or privately. Though as long as you expressed it maturely, and with grace you’d be fine.



12. Having to wake up practically in the middle of the night to get to school on time.

Yeah okay, walking up early was extremely annoying, but it was for sure worth it because you got an abundant amount of free time to do whatever you wanted after school.


13. The seemingly super-long walks you’d have to sprint to get to your next class in time.

Okay, walking around your high school wasn’t really that bad the only reason it seemed awful was because it was compared to how little you actually walked.

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14. Having to take handwritten notes. So many handwritten notes.

The majority of the notes were provided to you; and if not your teacher gave you ample time to write them down.

15. Feeling annoyed that you had to read from a large textbook.

The textbooks weren’t that big, and you didn’t have to pay for them.



16. Scoffing at the seemingly expensive prices for a high school student.

Rolling your eyes to pay $30 for a field trip, or $3 for a slice of pizza. When in reality the costs of being a high school student are nothing compared to University. All you had to pay for were things like field trips, cafeteria food, and athletics costs. Now you miss it.


17. The. Homework.

The homework was more consistent, but it was so, so, much easier. No one told you University IS homework.




18. Letting a swear out in front of a teacher and fearing for your life.

For almost all teachers, and a good number of people swearing was either off limits, or unappreciated. Though in retrospect it wasn’t really bad, it was just words.

19. Feeling as if you were never allowed a break.

We felt trapped while in high school yet we weren’t expecting having to take a 3-hour exam and not being permitted to use the restroom in between in University… A good number of people in High School students complained about the lack of breaks, but there was actually a stupendous amount of them.

20. Dealing with criticism and feeling as if it was the end of the world.

Whether it was your friends, teachers, or parents; criticism would be a constant. The best way to deal with them would have been just to take it all positively, and learn from it. Even if some criticism seemed unfair.



What are some other reasons being a high school student seemed so much worse than it actually was? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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