10 Thoughts Every Frosh Has Before They Start At Guelph

You’re a first year at uni and your thoughts are racing. That’s okay! Your first year is both an exciting and daunting one. Keep reading for 12 thoughts every frosh has before they start at the University of Guelph.

1. Will I make friends?

Starting university seems scary for all first years. But the first thing every student worries about is whether they will be able to make friends. Whether you are outgoing or shy; university is the time to make friends that will stick with you for your entire life. Just give yourself some time to explore the environment and the people around you.

2. I am going to miss my family.

University is the time where you will realize the value of your family. You are really going to miss them, especially if they live far from Guelph. Those who are really close to their family are going to start worrying about staying apart from them even before university starts. Don’t worry about it. The rush of emotions are completely normal. Just know that they are always with you.


3. What if I get lost around campus?

Well if you are super nervous about being lost on campus, booking a campus tour would be a good idea to see the campus in order to familiarize yourself with the University of Guelph. It will allow you to get to know the different eateries and resources provided on campus. If that is not convenient, you could also click here to get a better understanding of the campus, your lecture halls as well as the closest food spot.


4. How am I going to handle my finances?

Going off to university is a big step from being dependent on your family to slowly stepping onto the real world to live an independent life. Handling your own finances is a step closer to being an independent adult. University of Guelph is fortunate to provide financial aid counselling to students. More information can be found here.


Tip: Apart from university resources, a very useful app;, helps students manage their expenses efficiently.

5. What teams and clubs can I join on campus?

This is another important topic of concern for many frosh students. Being involved on campus is important, whether it is joining a sport, an organization or a club. Guelph is known for its varsity football team who will be facing our long-time rivals; Western Mustangs at this year’s homecoming game on September 24th. Guelph’s Central Student Association (CSA) is important for representing the student comfort and voice. This year, the CSA has specially organized for Alessia Cara to perform for the University of Guelph on September 11th. You could learn more about the organization that works best for you which are presented at Guelph. Find out more here.



6. How can I achieve academic success?

Academic transition is important from high school to university. Although some students may struggle to cope with the difference, University of Guelph has many resources for freshman and other students who struggle with the shift. You can learn more here.

7. How do I balance my social life with academics?

This ties along with my last point. Going to a part a day before a major test can be tempting, but it is important to set boundaries and limits in order to balance both; your social and academic life. Keep an agenda and a weekly to-do list that helps keep you motivated to complete all your academic work on time. Thereafter, reward yourself with a treat or attending a social event.



8. How do I avoid getting the freshman 15?

Eat healthy even though it can be hard to as a freshman, try to hit the gym. University of Guelph is part of a 60 million project of upgrading their Rec Centre. It doesn’t hurt to take 60 mins of your time, 3 times a weeks to stay healthy and fit.



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9. Can I get a job on campus?

University of Guelph has ample opportunities for getting a part time job on campus for their students. The employment can range from working at Tim Hortons to being a Lab Assistant.


10. How expensive can the books get?

We all know how expensive University can get, including the books and course material. The University of Guelph Bookstore is fortunate to provide new and used books at a reasonable cost for its students.



Make the best use of all the resources the university provides!

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