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10 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At York University

10 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At York University

Being a student at YorkU definitely has its pros and cons. Keep reading for 10 things you'll definitely never hear a student say at York University!

YorkU students have things pretty good, or do they? Well, students have a variety of classes, lots of space and many different other students to socialize with. But, there is a catch. What will students not say? What are the hidden or not so hidden things that make students wish their head would explode? Keep reading to find out the things you’ll never hear a student say at York University, unless you’ve already been through it today. 😉

10 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At York University

‘The bus will be here soon.”

Waiting for a bus is one thing but seeing the bus leave is a whole different story. Isn’t it fun waiting outside in the cold? Oh but don’t worry, it’ll be here shortly .. 30 minutes later.


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“Scott Library will have seats.”

Going into the library and searching for space during the day? It’s okay, York has 3 libraries, you have to find a place sometime .. right? Sure, the floor looks comfy too.

“Let’s go eat at Popeyes.”

Ever get stuck between Popeyes and Hero Burger? Probably not. Wonder why? Oh, because eating Popeyes is almost illegal at York. Why, you might wonder? It is the inside knowledge of a Yorkie.


“Let’s go get Timmies, it’ll be fast.”

Lets be real, Profs only give you 5-15 minutes break, IF you are lucky. Want to go grab a coffee? Sure, I’ll have enough time to get it, you think to yourself. Then you end up standing, standing, and standing in line, and end up taking an extra 10 minutes and making 3 new friends.

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“There is a lot of space in the class you really want.”

No one knows what system York uses when it gives you a time to enroll in classes. So you plan the schedule in advance and hope for the best, because you are prepared. Well 1 minute after your enroll time, the class you really wanted, sorry it is booked or reserved.


“I don’t miss the geese.”

There is a huge love and hate relationship with the geese. We hate how they walk across the road and take their sweet ass time. Love? We love how they are so pretty to look at. Or are they?


“York needs more students.”

Ever look for a cute guy or gal and can’t find one? So you think to yourself that York doesn’t have enough students? Then in between classes, everyone starts going somewhere and all of a sudden there is no space. Welcome to York U.

“The bookstore line will be short.”

Lets be real, York lines are huge. The bookstore line, well that is a whole different story. It could either take you 50 minutes to get inside or 10 minutes. Getting your books in the beginning of the semester? Well, good luck to you Yorkie.

“My next class is right around the corner.”

It is great when your class is in the same building. YAY, my day is made. Until you realize you need Accolade West when you are in East. Well that is not the worst case scenario when you are standing in HNES and need to get to Accolade West. Who doesn’t love exercising on the way to class?


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“York needs larger classes.”

This could depend on the definition of large. Sometimes 30 people is a huge amount of people, especially when it is your first year at York. Until you come to Psychology 1010 and you see a stadium. With approximately 500 different people. I just loooveee that.

Can you think of any more things you’ll never hear a student say at York University?
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