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10 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At Carleton

10 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At Carleton

It's no secret that University students talk a lot...That being said, there's some things you'll never hear a student say at Carleton.

It’s no secret that University students talk a lot, and you’ll overhear some pretty… interesting conversations during your time as a Raven. That being said, there’s some things you’ll never hear a student say at Carleton:

1. “I think we’ve won enough Panda Games.”

Pardon you?

2. “Well, actually, a Gee Gee is…”

I’ll stop you right there. The correct answer to “what the f*$k’s a Gee Gee?” is to repeat it, louder, thank you.


3. “The tunnels are so annoying and inconvenient.”

When it’s -43 degrees outside, they’re not.


4. “I’ve never had an obnoxiously long wait at the UC Tim Hortons.”

Yes you have. Stop lying to yourself.


5. “Yeah, I have a ton of money to blow this weekend, let’s go out!”

Where do you work? Are they hiring? Can you etransfer me some of that? I have $6.

6. “I don’t find *insert program here* students annoying at all.”

Whether it’s Sprott students shoving the colour blue down your throat, Eng students constantly complaining about their workload, PAPM students never shutting up about politics, or J-School students harassing you for a story (…guilty!), there’s at least one student population that you probably roll your eyes at.

7. “Actually, I think having an O-Train station on campus is incredibly inconvenient.”

If you commute to campus, you don’t. And if you live on campus, the South Keys Walmart is a godsend. You will use that train one day, trust me.

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8. “The baked basa was really good today, guys.”

Don’t lie to me. No it wasn’t. Stop kidding yourself.


9. “I think removing the scale from the gym last year was a really good idea.”

*world explodes*

10. “I hate being a Raven.”

Doubt ‘er bud, being a Raven is the best!

What else would you never hear a student say at Carleton? Let us know in the comments below!
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