10 Things You Should Literally Never Do At Carleton

10 Things You Should Literally Never Do At Carleton

Ah, Carleton University, the home of the Ravens and the arguably the best basketball team in Canada. If you are new here or you just want a laugh, keep reading to find out the things you should never do at Carleton University.

1. Never walk slowly in the middle of the stairs in the UC at peak times

Honestly, you might get run over by the stampede making a beeline for the Otrain or their next class. Everyone in Ottawa knows that the OC Tranpo waits for no one.


2. Never take 8:30-morning classes

Just do yourself a favor don’t do it. There is a whole lot of pain that comes with the loss of extra sleep, and unless you’re one of those magically happy morning people, just don’t do it.

3. Never read your syllabuses

Just kidding. Read those suckers like your life depended on it. It will save you from the embarrassment of asking stupid questions in class that will most likely make your professor hate you for the rest of the semester.


4. Never get Tim’s from the first-floor location in the UC in between classes

Unless you have all the time to spare, and by that I mean grow old, have a family, and die in that line. Trust me it’s a commitment.


5. Never refer to the River Building as Richcraft Hall

What are you new? We held a vigil for the loss of that building and we die a little inside every time anyone says Richcraft. I’m not mad, I’m heartbroken.


6. Never start that 12-page paper the day before it is due

Or do. You know what they say, diamonds are made under pressure.

7. Never walk through the tunnels without headphones during campaigning seasons

Unless you want all of the school population haggling you to vote (I’m looking at you CUSA) do yourself a favor and pop those bad boys in before making the trek to class.

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8. Never ask a million questions in a lecture of over 200 people

Now I’m not talking about asking when the due date of the next big project is, I’m talking about the people who ask the questions that set the professor off on a 15-minute rant to ensure we do not end our 3-hour lecture early. Come on guys, we’re all in this together, let’s try to get through these lectures ASAP. Please and thank you in advance.


9. Never take the unlimited chocolate milk in the café for granted

Yeah, I’m talking to you first years. Nothing is better than having unlimited chocolate milk. Drink as much as you can because you do not get that luxury in your upper years I tell you.


10. And finally, NEVER tell a Carleton student you are a GeeGee

We still haven’t figured out what the fucks a GeeGee, but do yourself a favor and don’t mention them. Unless you’re talking about the 3-peat then go right ahead.

Do you know anything else you should never do at Carleton? Let us know in the comments below!
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