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10 Things You Only Understand If You Lived In South

No one can deny that living in an on-campus residence is one of the most memorable experiences any first year can have. Moving to (most likely) a new city, surrounded by people you just met and having to adjust to a new lifestyle that’s totally different from high school can be quite daunting, yet completely exciting.

The University of Guelph has 3 residence locations you can live in: North, East, and South.

Let’s be honest, you probably applied for a double in Johnston, Lambton, or LA, bsomehow ended up in a South single.

Living in a res that accommodates more than 1800 students has it pros and cons, but I’m sure every person who has lived in South has enough memories from one year to last a lifetime.

Here are 10 things you only understand if you lived in South.

1. Move in day was the BIGGEST struggle ever.

Whether you lived above or below street level, having to haul a mini fridge to your room was harder than making it to your 8:30.

2. Chilling on your balcony (if you lived in an alcove).

Whether you dangled your feet off the edge while reading a book, attempted to climb up to your dorm from the outside, or lived in the basement and saw pee stream down from upper alcoves (surprisingly this does happen to many)… one can deny that the balcony’s were pretty sick.

3. Friends who lived in different residences NEVER fully remembered where your room was or how to speak South.

I told you 5 times already, come in through Mountain and once you hit the crossroads keep walking straight until you get the 3rd tower of Glacier. Then go down two alcoves past the common room floor and i’m the first room on your left.


4. Mountain Caf was the prime meet up spot for everything.

Whether it was for post lecture lunch with classmates or rushing to get late night pizza at 11:50pm, (otherwise, Dominos would come in clutch).

5. But… Mom’s Kitchen in Prairie Caf > everything.

I mean come on, nothing can beat the daily dinner specials and sweet old ladies.

6. Memorizing the times RAs did their rounds in your tower.

Okay so on weekends they come to the basement at 9pm, 11:30pm, and 1am. Which means that we can turn the music back on at 9:15pm and we should leave for the party by 10:45pm to be safe.

7. Befriending the RAs who did rounds in your tower.

DUDES, Sandra just texted me, they’ll be up here in 5, go on my balcony!

See Also

8. The multiple uses of alcove bathrooms.

Also, it’s the place for your pre selfies (prime lighting), unexpected late night chats, and where you throw out your trash when you’re too lazy to walk up/down to your common room.


9. Finding out there are 3 Bedroom Apartments across from the doubles in every basement common room.

WAIT you have a kitchen! Can I use your microwave tomorrow morning… and for the rest of the semester?

10. Fire Alarms.

I don’t think this one needs an explanation.

Although you probably consistently complained about the struggles of living in South, and your heart broke a little every time you walked past Johnston,  the experiences you gained are irreplaceable and the people you met will always hold a special place in your heart. Dirty South will forever be your home.

Smell ya later Gryphons. <3

Do you know any other things you’ll only understand if you lived in South? Let us know in the comments below!
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