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20 Things You Only Understand If You Go To WLU

20 Things You Only Understand If You Go To WLU


Every school has it’s own quirks and characteristics, and WLU is no exception. From spotted at Laurier, to religiously checking MyLearningSpace, there are plenty of things that are unique to WLU students. Keep reading for 20 things you only understand if you go to WLU!

1. Spotted @ Laurier

Much like the gossip girl series, this spotted at Laurier twitter account is run by a mysterious person who no one knows about. You are able to send anonymous messages and notes to students through this account, but who posts them? You will never know!

2. Silent 7

The higher you go up in the WLU library, the quieter it gets, therefore the top floor is nicknamed the silent 7, 7th floor and no one makes a peep.


3. Wilfs

This on campus restaurant and bar is the place to go for good and affordable food. There is also themed nights such as trivia nights and wing night so if you’re ever looking for something to do, head over!


PHILS is the go to club on campus, as anyone and they will have a story to tell you about PHILS, this place is tradition to Laurier students, easily the most popular club in town.

5. Wilfrid statue pictures.

If you dont have at least one picture with the Wilf statue, are you really a WLU student? Whether you are a prospective student, or a current student, you have to take at least one picture with the statue on campus. You can find will being dressed up on holidays and event days, he has school spirit, just like the rest of us.



6. Homecoming & St. Patty’s Day!

These two days are arguably the most important days of the year to Laurier students, from all day parties and day drinking, it is not an event to miss. Head over to Ezra street for block parties and dont forget to be completely decked out in spirit.

7. Stepping on the hawk.

People wont look at you the same if you step on the Hawk. You will always catch people walking around it, even in busy times, none is to step on the hawk and if you do, you have to kneel down and kiss it.


8. Party school rep!

Laurier is known to be a party school around Ontario, and we love that reputation! However don’t be fooled, we have great academics and athletics programs too! We work hard and party harder.

9. Religiously checking MyLearningSpace.

If you’re a WLU student, you probably check your MyLS homepage more than you check your phone. Whether you are looking for emails from professors and classmates, assignments or marks, this website is always open on your laptop.

10. Going out on weekdays.

This is something you probably never thought was possible when you were in high school, but in university we go out no matter what day of the week it is. The party never stops.


11. The love/hate relationship with a small campus.

Though it can be extremely beneficial to have a small campus and small class sizes, you will likely always catch someone you would rather not see while being on campus. And because of the small population, news gets around! At least your professors know your name!

12. School spirit all the time.

One thing that is certain about Laurier is that we have a ton of school spirit! Whether it is an event day or a regular day, you will always catch a ton of students rapping the gold and purple on campus.


13. Free bussing saves lives.

Free bussing around the city of Waterloo is probably one of the most beneficial things that is included in your tuition package and it definitely not only saves money, but also saves you from walking in the cold Waterloo winters.

14. Its a different world on the UW side of town.

If you live in Waterloo you will likely be familiar with the two sides of the college town, the University of Waterloo side and the Wilfrid Laurier University side. Trust me when I say these two sides of town are polar opposites, it’s like going to a new planet.

15. All of the geese on campus.

Waterloo is known for having an abundance of geese on campus, but don’t be fooled by these birds, they are vicious and they will attack you if you get too close. Be careful when walking to class!

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16. LOTS of stairs.

If there is one thing Laurier has an abundance of, its stairs. No matter where you go on campus, you are faced with stairs everywhere. I guess that’s how they keep us fit!


17. Being able to tell athletes apart from everywhere else.

Laurier is known for our stellar athletics programs, and our athletes are not shy about it. You will always be able to spot an athlete on campus because they will be carrying their athletic backpacks or sporting their sports gear at all times, if you are an athlete at Laurier, everyone knows.

18. We all hate Western.

No matter what program, community, sport etc, you support at Laurier, there is one things that we all have in common, we all hate Western University!


19. We love the gym.

Laurier students are known to be very athletic and fit, and you will be able to tell because our gym is always packed with students. With a facility like ours though, why wouldn’t you want to be in it constantly.

20. Clicker questions…

These things usually add up to about 5-10% of your final grade mark in a class and they are also the only reason students ever come to class. If there is no clicker questions, students don’t go.



What are some other things you only understand if you go to WLU? Comment below and share the article!
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