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10 Things You Only Understand If You Go To UWindsor

10 Things You Only Understand If You Go To UWindsor

10 Things You Only Understand If You Go To UWindsor

“University of Windsor? That’s by Detroit right, isn’t it really dangerous there?” We’ve all heard it, it’s the life we live being a Lancer. There is a endless list of what it’s like to attend the University of Windsor, aside from the fact that we are right on the border line of the US. There are a couple of things that make us more unique than that. Read on for 10 more things you’ll only understand if you go to UWindsor.

1. The new ‘Welcome Centre’ that students aren’t allowed in

We’ve all seen it and have payed for it in some way, but have you been inside the building? You either have to be really lucky to be able to get in or have an appointment for who knows what. No one really knows what the use of it is, but it’s there looking at us all. If you ever get lucky enough to be in the building though, it is pretty nice and is used for campus tours and alumni. Who knew?


2. The fact that there is never any working plugs in the CAW

The daily struggle for us students, with all the money we pay to the University somehow they still haven’t fixed all the broken plugs in the CAW. It’s a hit or miss for us all, but somehow we’ve all found a way to get through it. They are basically there just to taunt us all.

3. Waiting forever in line for Tim Hortons

Campus life means coffee life, during all hours of the day there is a huge line up to get our Canadian addiction at Tim Hortons, do we try to avoid it? Not really, students are always trying to overdose on some coffee. I guess everyone forgets that there is an express Tim Hortons in the CEI building, market place and one in Odette.



4. The Market Place doesn’t have the healthiest options

It’s where you find the most expensive food on campus, its how you gain the freshman 15, the wonderful market place. Yet we never refer to it as the market place, you’ll find it all subway, pizza, burgers, donuts. Whatever your craving may be for the day, odds are they have it there. Although we can’t underestimate the university efforts due to the new Booster Juice, and that fridge with all the veggies in it.


5. When you’re studying in Leddy and your computer starts to die

We’ve all been here before, and well if you haven’t let me just tell you that the storm is coming. We spend forever finding the perfect table in Leddy, most of the time with some good study buddies only to find out there isn’t any plugs close by, so sometimes we leave our computer with a stranger. In some  cases we just give up with no hope.


6. You either lived in or knew someone that lived in MacDonald Hall

One of the crappiest residence buildings but somehow has the least amount of problems, Mac Hall is basically indestructible, with all the craziness that happens in this residence building its probably the parties that are keeping it alive. This building is known for being torn up by all the students.

7. Buying your textbooks last minute

Realistically we can’t be the only school that has students like this, whether we choose to spend all of our money on one text book we probably won’t even open, the worst part of it is the huge line that is found in  the bookstore. For the freshman that are trying to buy their faculties sweaters, good luck making your way through.


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8. It’s never a surprise when the Wi-Fi doesn’t work

We live and breath for our wifi on campus, but when it stops working that’s when our world comes crashing down. Am I the only one that took an entire semester to learn how to pronounce “eduroam”, yes we have the regular UWindsor wifi but half the time that doesn’t work for us either, and for those living in residence who always have to switch up between ‘eduroam’ and ‘res life’ I feel your pain.

9. Having a 10 minute gap in-between classes because the campus is so small

For those that don’t go to the university, know the campus is tiny and the other half don’t even know the city of Windsor has a university. Having such a small campus has become an advantage for us lancers when there’s only a 10 min gap between our classes, giving us time to grab our caffeine or vitamin water, stopping to chat with our friends and still making it to class on time no lectures start on time anyways.


10. You wear your UWindsor apparel strong and proud

No matter how tiny our school is, how broken down some buildings are, whether people know it exists or not. Lancers bleed blue and gold, we cherish our faculties and program, our delicious local food and beautiful riverfront. I’m proud to be a windsor lancer!

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