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10 Things You Need To Do If You Are Visiting Montreal For The First Time

10 Things You Need To Do If You Are Visiting Montreal For The First Time

You're visiting this beautiful city but you have no idea where to even begin. Well, fear not because here are 10 fun and exciting things to do in Montreal!

So, you’re visiting the beautiful city of Montreal and you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed by the number of things to do in this amazing city. Well, fear not because here are 10 fun and exciting things to do in Montreal that will get your visit started!

1. Hike Up Mont-Royal

Not only will you feel great about getting that daily exercise in, but you’ll be greeted with an amazing view! Don’t forget to take a picture for Instagram! (because did you really go there if you didn’t take a picture of it?)


2. Milkshakes!

Feel the need to satisfy your sweet tooth? Or maybe you just want to treat yourself? Tella’s Dessert Shop is the perfect place to stop by for something sweet! I mean, who doesn’t love a good milkshake?


3. A stroll around the Mile End

The Mile End, the most hipster neighborhood in Montreal. Spend the day browsing the boutiques or grabbing some coffee at the local coffee shops, just soak in all those hipster vibes.



4. Visit the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Who here just loves museums? Well, if that’s you, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is just the place for you! Catch the latest exhibit, and enjoy all the works from antiquity to present day.

5. Eat a Bagel!

It’s not a complete visit to Montreal without trying the famous Montreal bagels!  I can confirm that Montreal bagels are truly the best bagels you will ever taste, especially when they’re right out of the oven!


6. Don’t Forget Poutine!

Let’s be real, this is probably already on your list of things to do. Poutine is definitely a must when visiting Montreal for the first time. Fries + gravy + cheese, what more could you want?


7. Visit a Market

Both Jean-Talon and Atwater Market are hands down the two best markets in Montreal. Visiting a market is the perfect way to try something new! Or, for you Instagram lovers out there, the ideal place to take photos!

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8. Explore the Streets of Old Montreal

Make your way over to the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal to admire this beautiful district, which happens to be the oldest area in the city of Montreal! From the early architecture of the city’s history to the modern art galleries and amazing restaurants, Old Montreal is the perfect place to take in what the city has to offer!



9. Basilique Notre Dame de Montreal

Located in Old Port, Roman Catholic church, Basilique Notre Dame de Montreal features beautiful stained glass and an intricately designed interior. Take a closer look at one of Montreal’s most iconic buildings.



10. But First, Coffee.

Whether you’re starting off your day with a warm cup of coffee or if it’s a mid-afternoon caffeine boost, Montreal has some of the most unique and aesthetically pleasing coffee shops, serving delicious coffee. Located all around the city, you’re guaranteed to find some amazing coffee!

What are some of your favorite things to do in Montreal? Share in the comments below!
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