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15 Things You Already Miss About University Of Ottawa

15 Things You Already Miss About University Of Ottawa

15 Things You Already Miss About University Of Ottawa

I can’t even keep track of the amount of times in my life an adult has told me “time flies” or “I remember when I was your age” followed by some strange sentiment about the economy. Never have I related to this statement as much as I do at the end of the school year. Eight months sounds like a long time, but it really does fly by when you are surrounded by friends, crazy Friday nights, and endless piles of homework. These are the 15 things you definitely already miss about University of Ottawa!

1. My best friend, therapist, and personal stylist; AKA my roommate.

When I first moved to Ottawa in September, I had no idea what kind of crazy, annoying, weirdo I would be living with. Thankfully she was only two of the above; crazy and definitely a weirdo (but only in the best way). I don’t know how or when we became best friends, but we did. It’s weird to think that I didn’t know her before university! I guess there’s something about living, studying, eating, sleeping, and basically breathing next to someone for eight months that really makes you get attached to a person.


2. Being out in the big city.

How did I grow up in a city with such a small town vibe? Can I even call it a city? The things I once thought were so wonderful about being in a small town now all seem so boring. Stepping outside my front door in a city like Ottawa provides me with endless possibilities for the day; no matter which way I turn down Rideau Street! But now, going anywhere is an all day excursion and involves a car ride to the other side of town or an hour on the city bus.

3. Going out with friends without an interrogation from your mother.

Ever since coming home, I have gone from hanging out with friends every single day (multiple times a day) to once a week (if I’m lucky). There are many things to blame here: the sudden lack of freedom, the distance between my friends and I, returning to full time jobs, and honestly just laziness. Getting back to your small town routine is exhausting and I have a daily debate about whether I should hang out with some friends or just lie in bed and nap for several hours. The napping usually wins.


4. So-called Instagram famous people.

Cities attract the most interesting people. You don’t hear of big time rappers or fashion designers coming from the city of Barrie (what even is Barrie right??). Even the regular people of Ottawa are somehow more interesting than the regular people of small towns. People living in the city, especially students are more daring with fashion and lifestyle choices. It’s almost as if everyone coming to a large city is just trying to create themselves. Hmmm who would’ve thought.

5. Attending class (most of the time).

This is one thing that I did not expect to miss as much as I do, especially considering the amount of times I actually skipped class. Oops. If only I would have known how much I’m missing those swinging plastic chairs now.


6. Being within walking distance of downtown.

In a small town, it takes 5 minutes to walk through the “downtown” (can I even call it a downtown), which has been the same since I was 10 years old. On the other hand, no matter how many times I walk through the Byward Market in Ottawa, I always find something new to do or somewhere new to go.


7. Doing homework and having a purpose in life.

I know, I know. I promised myself that I would read a novel, lose the freshman 15 by July, run a 5k every day, work full time, and get ahead for all of next years courses. But without a source of motivation, I do absolutely nothing. I did homework during the school year because that homework cost me thousands of dollars, and I know somewhere (very) deep inside I also enjoyed learning.

8. Weekends that are actually real weekends.

Being surrounded by students 24/7 who share your struggles and heavy workloads, makes going out on weekends all the more fun. Everyone struggles together, and everyone goes ham together.


9. Free time in between classes.

Three hour break between classes? Honestly, the Rideau Center is a five minute walk from campus and I could do with some fresh air before my next class.


10. Public transport that isn’t completely useless.

In a small town, going on the bus is three dollars a trip!!! THREE DOLLARS. And the bus only comes once an hour! How am I supposed to save for school when I have to spend all of my hard earned money on bussing. At least when I’m going to school in Ottawa the price of a bus pass is somehow hidden between all of those other tuition fees.

11. Oui halo, comment ca va?

Bilingualism is perhaps one of the most wonderful things about Ottawa. I promise one day I’ll learn to speak French. One day.

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12. Fries and a burger or mystery meat with a lovely vegetable saute? Ah, so many choices.

Granted, cafeteria food will never be as good as a home cooked meal, I still got to experience every taste and texture with my friends right by my side. Also, unlimited Starbucks coffee from the Starbucks coffee machine (if it was actually in order).


13. My room, notice that I explicitly said MY room.

It took me 8 months to make my room perfect and 1 day to tear it all down with tear stained eyes. That room will forever be mine, I don’t care who lives there next. I’d like to see anyone else try and make that room as homey as I did.


14. Seeing that one cutie on campus every Monday after my 2pm and every Wednesday after my 1pm.

If I just leave right at the end of class and sprint towards the UCU from Colonel, I’ll get the chance to see my future husband just leaving his class at Montpetit. I swear one of these days I’ll accidentally bump into him. Or maybe if he sees me enough, he’ll fall in love with me too. Unfortunately a new school year means a new schedule to memorize.

15. Spontaneity

Almost nothing I did during the school year was planned. Last minute drinking sessions on a Monday night and last minute concert ticket purchases. Money is no object when I am young and trying to make some great life experiences with some like minded people.


There is no doubt in my mind that my time at the University of Ottawa will fly by in the blink of an eye. Enjoy every second while you can!

What do you miss most about the University of Ottawa!? Share in the comments below!

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