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10 Things University of Toronto Student Asks Themselves

10 Things University of Toronto Student Asks Themselves

University of Toronto is a beautiful university. Here are 10 things all University of Toronto students think to themselves at some point in their uni career

Being a student at UofT(ears) is a very… unique experience. Whether it’s the city of Toronto, being in a class of over 1500 people, or going to one of the highest ranked universities in Canada, students at University of Toronto are certainly in for a wild ride. Here are 10 things every University of Toronto student has asked themselves at some point or another:

1. Am I even smart enough to go here?

No matter how smart or academically gifted you are, every University of Toronto student has at some point thought: how did I get into this university anyway? The freshman fifteen doesn’t just apply to your weight– on average, a student will drop 15% points in their first year of uni. Thankfully, it only take a little while to get used to the new grading scale, and besides, you go to the best university in Canada! #CsGetDegreesImage result for i'm dumb gif

2. Where did all my money go?

What can I say, living in the 6ix is expensive ! Sorry mom.Image result for shrug gif


3. Where can I find a sugar daddy/mommy?

Related to the above point, everyone I know has at some point considered joining “Seeking Arrangements”. Honestly– more power to ya! Get those extra dollas.

Image result for sugar daddy gif

4. Where am I?

No matter how many times you venture into the basement of Sidney Smith, or the Robarts Stacks, there’s always the same thought lingering in the back of your mind: where the fuck am I?


Image result for i have no memory of this place gif

5. Did I eat today?

Sometimes, when you’re dying in Robarts, you maybe forget that you need food to survive. And then, you are faced with a follow up question: why did I eat so goddamn much? It’s a vicious cycle, truly, and the ladies who work at the burrito bar KNOW you’re struggling.Image result for did i eat today gif

6. Is the Starbucks line really worth it?

Before you say this is only a “basic white girl” problem– literally I have seen everyone, from professors to students in their pjs, in line at the Starbucks in Robarts, at every hour of the day. And no, it is never worth it. But yes, that is where you can find me 54% of the time.


Image result for starbucks gif

7. Do I even need a degree?

Every midterm season, we all have the same thought: do I really need a degree? Is this pain worth it? Should I just drop out? Can I drop out?? Please???

Image result for never getting a job gif

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8. Am I a god?

On the complete flip side, we’ve all asked ourselves this after a particularly good midterm or paper, or when some relative is bragging about their kids who go to Brock. Flaunt it!!

Image result for i am a god gif


9. Can I just graduate already?

I’m only in my third year and I’m already praying for June 2019. Give me my degree!!! I’ve earned it!!! I wanna go home!!!Related image

10. What would I do without this place?

As sappy as it sounds, we all love UofT (or we woulda left by now). So take a second to thank all the friends you’ve made, and look back on all the memories! Before you know it, you’ll be out in the real world– and from what I’ve heard, it’s much scarier.

Image result for my heart just pooped its pants gif

What else has every University of Toronto student asked themselves? Let us know in the comments!
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