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7 Things To Do If You Are Broke AF In Ottawa

7 Things To Do If You Are Broke AF In Ottawa

Do not fret if you're broke AF In Ottawa. Here are 7 things you can do around town for cheap that are still incredibly fun.

If you’re broke AF in Ottawa, do not fret. Whether you’re saving for a rainy day or still recovering from the recent school year, everyone is always looking to save a buck. If you’re looking to have some fun this summer without breaking the bank, here are 7 things you can do around town for cheap.

1. Take a FREE guided walking tour of Parliament!

If your eighth grade graduating class didn’t make the trip to the top of the hill, why not play tourist for the day? With Canada 150 in full swing, downtown Ottawa is more alive than ever. Take the opportunity to explore Canada’s government and history and schedule a free tour for you and some friends… did I mention it was free?




2. Plan a picnic a Major’s Hill Park

It might sound like a penniless effort, but a picnic on Mackenzie avenue can cost as much or as little as you can spare. Pack a classic basket of snacks, (does anyone actually use a basket?), or stop by the new Chipotle restaurant on the corner of Rideau centre and grab a burrito. Don’t forget a blanket to sit on, although there are plenty of benches and seating space to munch and enjoy the view!

3. Get Pampered!

Check the between the couch cushions and crack open your piggy bank for a mini spa day! You might not be able to get a full set of gel nails, but the running price for a regular manicure is only $10-$15 at many places in Ottawa. A quick google search can locate the salon nearest to you. F

4. Learn, explore, and participate in The Inspiration Village

Opening May 20th until September 4th, The Inspiration Village is one of Ottawa’s most anticipated and inclusive attractions. Although the full list of activities will not be posted until mid-May, the village will include activities and performances


5. Go on an Instagram photo shoot

This may be a “millennial activity,” but why not spruce up your online profiles? Whether you’ve had the same facebook profile picture since your high school prom, or your Instagram feed needs a quick update, wear something nice and bring your friend and your phone for a walk! Better yet, pull out an old digital camera and save your phone storage.

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6. Roll up your sleeves and help out

With Canada’s birthday celebrations well underway, volunteers are needed all over the city! Opportunities to volunteer are plentiful and they look great on your resume. Check out Volunteer Ottawa and the City of Ottawa if you’re not sure where to start.

7. Get active along the canal

Whether you like to bike, run, unicycle, rollerblade, or just enjoy the canal’s appeal now that it’s been filled for the summer, there is something for everyone to participate in the Rideau canal pathways. Start at Lansdowne and work your way downtown for a less-congested, scenic route of downtown Ottawa. Or focus on your fitness and go where the wind takes you. With over 200km of Canal to enjoy, you’re set for a full day of action.


Do you have any other things to do if you’re broke af in Ottawa? Let us know in the comments!
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