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15 Things To Do Around University of Western Ontario When Youre Bored AF

Sometimes school can get pretty boring, so you need to do something fun. Here are things to do around University of Western Ontario when you’re bored AF.

1. Go to Western Greenhouse

Free to go in and loads of herbs/flowers/trees and it’s super warm, good date idea too!

2. Go on a nature walk or run behind Huron or Brescia

There’s rapids, a beach, deer, bunnies, cats, mountain bike trail, and a lookout point!

3. Go pick a free book at Weldon

There is a nook to the right of the front doors with loads of free books to browse!

4. Go check out the wellness center

There are free granola bars, recipes, info about yoga classes/free dietitian appointments/mental well being workshops and more!

5. Sit in the spoke

Watch some sports or the always entertaining music videos they always have on.

6. Go check out the brown boards on campus

Find out about events/paid research studies that need participants/jobs etc.

7. Go to the gym-not just to workout

There are ping pong tables, basketball/volleyball, swimming, meditation classes on Wednesdays!

8. If it’s a nice day

Pop in your headphones and walk around campus or lie down on uc hill, it is actually pretty beautiful here if you look up from the sidewalk/our phones that I know I’m guilty of doing a lot


9. Start a pick up game

Huron has sports equipment you can sign out if you ask the front desk and can play on the front lawn with friends!

10. Check out the booths in the UCC atrium or Mustang Lounge

There is always something going down there.

11. Find an new event you’ve never been to on campus

The chances of there not being something going on are slim look it up on USC ‘s app, facebook groups, western’s website

See Also

12. Can’t find anything? Look up on eventbright, facebook, online about what’s going on in London

There may be poetry slams, food festivals, art fairs, art shows.

13. For a more long-term boredom aid- check out SPECTRUM

London’s fun classes including: painting landscapes, figure skating, rock climbing, law of attraction, drumming, guitar, salsa/belly dancing/ballroom dancing/cooking classes (including thai and sushi), de stressing meditation classes, clay, calligraphy, even italian/spanish/french speaking programs!


14. Go to a museum or art gallery off campus

There’s a few and sometimes they have workshops too!

15. Call and catch up with a high school friend, your mom, your sister, someone you’ve been too busy to talk to

Reaching out can give them some warm fuzzies that you were thinking of them! Maybe some fun plans will even come from it!

Bonus points:

Look up Western’s clubs/intramurals list and pick one Yes Man style and go to their next event!!!

What are your favorite things to do around University of Western Ontario when you’re bored AF? Comment below!
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