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20 Insanely Useful Things To Bring To Residence

20 Insanely Useful Things To Bring To Residence

If you're packing for your first year at university and not sure what to bring, here are useful things to bring to residence that should be on your list!

You’ve finally finalized where you’re going to uni next year… and it’s time to buy a bunch of things to bring to residence. You might be tempted to pack up your entire life… only to find out that nothing really fits in your tiny room. We’ve put together this list of useful and clever items to keep your room organized and comfortable at residence!

1. A shower tote.

Most first year residences will have shared bathroom so a shower caddy is a must to bring all of your necessities into the shower.

2. A foot rest and some extra storage.

This ottoman in particular is great because you can store things inside of it. And the best part? When you’re not using it or transporting it, you can fold it down to save space!


3. A mini fridge to keep beers frosty.

This is an absolute must to bring to residence. Keep a few fresh snacks and beverages in your mini fridge for those nights when people randomly show up to pregame or when you’re stuck studying late.

4. A desk lamp that conveniently charges your phone.

There’s no better way to keep your room at residence organized than investing in 2-for-1 items. Also, comes in handy when you lose your phone charger and your phone is about to die.



6. Colorful cord holders to keep your desk from becoming a tangled mess.

7. An Over the Door shoe organizer for both your shoes and your snacks.


8. This charging station for all of your electronics.

The ones that matter, anyway (let’s be real).


9. A hot iron holster to keep all your hair accessories tidy and accessible.

And you don’t have to worry about burning down your residence.

10. A waterproof shower speaker

Because you need to get in a party mood!

11. A Portable battery pack.

Just because we always need to charge a bunch of shit.


12. A breakfast sandwich maker.

Just looking at this is already making me hungry.

13. A nifty hamper.

Do yourself a favor and get a hamper on wheels. No one wants to break an arm or accidentally bust open their laundry bag from dragging it on the floor.


14. A mermaid blanket (or just a plush fuzzy blanket) for those freezing winter nights.

Essential to make your room feel like home at residence.

15. A comfy lap desk to do homework (or just eat and watch Netflix) in bed.

Because sometimes you HAVE to get out of those miserable residence desk chairs.

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16. A bedside caddy to keep everything handy.

Seriously,just another place to store your crap – totally necessary.


17. A dry erase decal that literally just sticks to your wall.

So you never forget when your parents are coming to visit (hint: hide all incriminating evidence).

18. A desk organizer that provides even more…can you guess?

STORAGE SPACE! So convenient for all of your papers and stationery supplies.


19. A book stand/ tablet holder.

Makes typing and studying from a heavy book so much easier, or prop your tablet up on this so you can easily go hands free whenever need be.

20. A smartphone projector.

A great thing to bring to residence because watching movies or playing video games with your roommates is guaranteed fun.



Can you think of any more useful things to bring to residence? Share in the comments!

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