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10 Things That Totally Suck At The University of Waterloo

10 Things That Totally Suck At The University of Waterloo

10 Things That Totally Suck At The University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is a great place to be. The University of Waterloo offers an excellent co-op program and offers useful resources (for example: counselling services, Centre for Career Action and the Student Success Office) for their students to utilize FOR FREE! Unfortunately, there are things that are pretty sucky here at UWaterloo. Here are 10 things that TOTALLY SUCK at the University of Waterloo:

1. Lines at the cafeteria and at Tim Hortons at the Student Life Center (SLC) are too damn long

Want to get food at the cafeteria and at Tim Hortons 10 minutes before your lecture starts? Haha. Yeah, no.

2. Dana Porter Library and Davis Center Library during exam season

There. Is. No. Place. To. Study.



3. Buses to campus in the morning and in the evening during the winter.

You’re packed like sardines along with other students in the bus. Sometimes, people won’t move to the back of the bus even though the bus driver repeatedly says it. Honestly, this reminds of the rush hour in Tokyo lol

4. Ice. Ice everywhere…

Every time it’s snowing or freezing raining, ice forms on the ground. Sometimes, the ground has salt or sand to reduce the ice on the ground—most of the time, it doesn’t. So, good luck walking to class with sneakers!



5. Cumulative Final Exams!

Remembering over three month’s worth of material?! I can’t even remember what I wore yesterday!


6. The Arts Lecture Hall

Taking an exam on those small, creaky/broken tables at AL 116? PEEERRRRFECT.



7. Geese. Geese everywhere.

They’re cute… until they start attacking you. Also, watch your step because you might step on their feces…. And that sucks.

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8. Bookstore line at the beginning of the term.

Imagine this: you wait to line up for an hour just to enter the bookstore and turns out, the textbook you’re trying to buy is out of stock. GREEEEAAAT.

9. The packed gym at Columbia Icefield (CIF).

If you go to the gym and find out it’s empty, consider yourself lucky. Normally, the gym is PACKED.


The Physical Activities Complex (PAC) just sucks overall.

10. LEARN Maintenance….

“IMPORTANT Waterloo LEARN will be down on (insert day), (insert date), from (insert time) until (insert time)”. UGGGHHHH



Can you think of any more things that totally suck at the University of Waterloo? Please comment below!
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