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10 Things Every UQAM Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every UQAM Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every UQAM Student Asks Themselves

There’s a time in life where we ask ourselves: which university must I choose? It’s a hard and difficult choice when you hear everybody’s opinion and history about universities. Even then, when you finally choose one university, it’s only the beginning of a long series of questions. There are so many things every UQAM student asks themselves. Below there’s 10 of the most common questions I ask myself all the time.

1. Why am I at university?

Yes!! I think every student now and then return to this very question, it isn’t just one of the things every UQAM student asks themselves. But you know what? It’s normal and healthy. It can make you realize that university is maybe not for you…and it’s okay!

2. Why did I choose UQAM?

Even then, when you finally are an official student at UQAM, you realize that there’s not a lot of difference between universities. The reason why you had chosen this university seem stupid. So you choose new ones!



3. Is it really the university of artists?

We all know the reputation of UQAM, but, in fact, not everybody who goes to UQAM is an artist. A lot of universities praise Arts so it isn’t uncommon. So, we can say that it’s an old and false stereotype.

4. Where is my classroom?

We can all agree that there’s a loooott of buildings, and pavillons, and classrooms. Also, it’s often not easy to find the right classroom in a pavillon you’ve never been before. You remember your first day at UQAM don’t you?


5. Which washrooms aren’t used by other students?

If you’ve studied a t UQAM, you most certainly know which toilets to use and those you NEED TO AVOID. (tips: pavillon Judith-Jasmin is a NOPE)

6. Where can I get a decent Internet connection?

One of the worse decision of my life: choosing the WI-FI Eduoram. My worst nightmare. There is some place where this WI-FI network is nonexistent. And, of course, for me, UQAM WI-FI doesn’t work. Yeah.


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7. Where can I eat?

We all face that moment when you need to find a table to eat your dinner or supper and it seems like every student at the university is eating at the same time. You walk, walk, walk, walk and walk until you finally find the perfect place (perfect because there is no one on it).

8. How can I eat at the computer lab without being spotted?

Last semester, I was always at the computer lab. So when you can’t continue your work because you are too hungry, but you can’t leave your computer because all the computers are used and you need to finish your work, you must develop some skills. My skill= eating in my bag.


9. Is there a place where I can sleep?

This question is (almost) always on my mind. Why no one ever thought about a place where students can sleep between classes? It’s the most precious thing for a student because we never get enough sleep.

10. What can I do during my six hour breaks?

These are one of the things every UQAM student asks themselves and they wish they wouldn’t. When you are unlucky and you need to wait a long time at UQAM, this question is always on your mind. If you have friends near, you can always do something with them. Or if you are alone (like it’s usually my case), you can always watch a movie, read a book or visit Montreal!

Do you have any other questions that comes into your mind since you’ve become a UQAM’s student? Comment below! 
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