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10 Things Every University of Toronto Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every University of Toronto Student Asks Themselves


Here are some of the classic issues we deal with every day here at the University of Toronto. Read on for 10 things every University of Toronto student asks themselves!

1. Why on earth did I choose to come here?

On paper it seems perfectly logical to come to UofT. It has an incredible ranking worldwide, it is prestigious, it is in the heart of Toronto… but every time you open up Blackboard and see yet another C, you can’t help but think that if you put this much effort in a school like Western or Queens, you would be graduating with honours. You’re lying to yourself if you say you haven’t asked yourself this question AT LEAST once.



2. Wait, we have Varsity Teams at Uoft?

Shocking, I know! It’s not that they’re terrible, it’s just that no one seems to care about them. At other universities, varsity players are practically royalty. Here at Uoft, we care more about scoring A’s than scoring baskets. Do we even have a homecoming?




3. Are there any bird courses here?

99% of the classes at UofT are going to make you feel like ripping out your hair, calling your mom and crying yourself to sleep. However, there is hope in that 1%!  Society19 actually has found a few courses that could ease your pain, so check them out!

4. Why is it so cold in ConHall?

Finding out your lecture is in Con Hall is rather depressing. You already know that you’ll never be able to find your friends, that you will strain your ears trying to hear the prof, and that you will have to trudge across King’s Circle to get there. The worst? That all of that misery is accompanied by a freezing cold lecture hall. Please put the heating up!



5. Wait, WHERE is this class?

Laughable are the days that you thought you would only get lost in Frosh week. With a University this big, it will happen every time a new classroom appears on your timetable. After all, just the buildings at St George campus compromise over 12 million square feet… that’s a lot of places to get lost.

6. Is this the fourth of fifth time I’ve ordered Pizza Pizza this week?

Unfortunately, a UofT student’s diet consists almost entirely of pizza and beer. Not just any beer, warm frat beer. And not just any pizza, tasteless Pizza Pizza slices. But hey, we’re broke, we’re lazy, and any pizza is better than no pizza at all.

7. Why do I have a 10am class on a Friday?

Haven’t professors heard of Thirsty Thursdays? It’s just cruel to have a morning class on a Friday, and if it was any other University, it would also be extremely pointless. But because we’re UofT students, and we have to put our grades above everything else, like sleep, or happiness, you know we’ll make it to that 10am regardless of how hungover…or still drunk… we are.­

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8. Spring Break is in February?

Last time I checked, February is still winter. How am I supposed to have a wild vacation in Cancun with my friends when there are no package deals in February? Oh, that’s right, I go to UofT, so this week off actually needs to be used as a ‘Reading Week’, unless I want to fail all my midterms.



9. Are the readings necessary for this course?

First of all, the BookStore is SO far. Why did they put it at the very edge of campus? Secondly, textbooks are ridiculously expensive, and every year the professors seem to decide a new edition is needed, regardless than only about 5 pages have minor changes. Has no one heard of the fact that college students are ALWAYS broke?



10. Is there really any other place I’d rather be?

We all bleed blue, right?

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