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10 Things Every Trent University Student Asks Themselves

If you attend Trent University – the Durham or Peterborough campus – you will probably run into a lot of the same little problems that I have run into in my first year. You feel like you know everyone in such a tight knit community, you are secretly annoyed if someone sits in your “spot” during a lecture, and you probably buy the cafeteria fries if you have a late night class. There are some university problems that never change at a small campus.  These are 10 things every Trent University student asks themselves:

1. Do I actually know this person?

You think, as you walk down almost hallway, as anyone nods along to their music and could be nodding at you, as you wait for the bus, etc. We have all seen the awkward half-wave that quickly moves into an “Oh, I was just fixing my hair, not waving at a stranger” motion.

2. Should I ask them if they are in my 6:30 psychology lecture?

Even if you don’t know the person, I have found that most people will say a friendly “hello” when approached. Compared to Toronto, Oshawa is a pretty chill place to be. Even if you accidentally think a stranger when the in-class assignment is, they probably will just admit they aren’t in your class and won’t get too judgemental – even I look like someone who could survive a stats class if you see me from the back in a long hallway.

3. Will the accounting professor notice if I leave after 20 minutes?

…. Will they?

4. Is my 9 am class on Friday worth getting up for?


5. If I come to class with cafeteria fries will I actually get to eat any before my friends steal all of my fries? Do I even know these people or do they want my fries?

The fries at the cafeteria are definitely the easiest go-to item on the menu, and as soon as you get them, everyone you know goes into seagull mode and hovers around making small talk until they get a fry.

6. These haikus to the cafeteria:


Arizona tea costs $0.99

Not a whole toonie



I know that times are hard, but

Your prices be cray

See Also

7. Should I join the anime club, or just awkwardly show up for the movie nights like it’s nbd?

The anime club movie nights typically consist of Studio Ghibli movies, anime classics, Pokémon and a little bit of Disney for good measure (even though it isn’t anime). The anime club has some awesome movies, and is totally welcoming to non-club members, especially if you bring popcorn. Plus, the seasoned members are pretty cool!

8. Will anyone on the inter-mural team notice if I’m bad at sports?

Me in sports:

Other people in sports:

I have never played volleyball/badminton/soccer in my life. Send help, I am bleeding green.

9. Should I join the improve club?

What is that LOUD NOISE OMG I AM TRYING TO STUDY – oh – it’s the improv club.

10. Where is (friend’s name) who said they were in the atrium?

As you nonchalantly search the couches, back tables, window seats, security desk, pretty much everywhere expect the lonely table in the corner where your friend is hunched over a textbook.

What are some other things every Trent University student asks themselves? Share in the comments below!
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Marlena Fulkerson

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