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10 Things Every McGill University Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every McGill University Student Asks Themselves

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to ask yourselves the real questions. Here are 10 things every McGill University student asks themselves!

1. Why did I move out of the Ghetto?

Like it seemed like a good idea at first but now its a Monday morning, 7 ° C  outside, and your bicycle froze to the pole.

2. Why do people use Redpath as a social gathering?

With the hell of finals season still reasonably fresh in our minds, I think we can all remember cursing that squad of disturbingly put together girls using talking about their love lives at an obnoxiously high decibel level. People – GO HOME



3. Am I prepared to fail this class?

New year, new study habits – amiright? It’s that sneaky period right before add-drop that you start wonder whether you’re really screwed or just kinda screwed.

4. Will this elective expose me to a pool of potential romantic candidates?

Because honestly, what else are philosophy courses for?


5. Am I sick, hungover, or just too damn tired?

Because sometimes it just feels like a nightmare.

6. Why are we still talking about Harambe?

If I get invited to another Harambe vigil party I’m transferring

7. Why does my prof know my name?

You’re either doing something very wrong or very right.

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8. Was I that stupid as a freshman?

Because sometimes you see them and are forced to wonder.



9. Will I ever feel truly warm again?

Answer: Obviously not. That is, until August and then you will boil in your own exhales.

10. Would I rather get hit by a biker or a car?

Easy. Obviously a car. Getting hit by a nice Mercedes is how I plan on paying my tuition.

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