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15 Things Every Guelph Frosh NEEDS To Do In Their First Year

15 Things Every Guelph Frosh NEEDS To Do In Their First Year

15 Things Every Guelph Frosh NEEDS To Do In Their First Year

University of Guelph and the city itself is a beauty place, where certain experiences are a MUST. Need help with what are the most important things to tackle during your first year as a frosh? You need not worry. I have come up with a list of 15 things and places you must experience in your first year. Keep reading for 15 things every Guelph frosh NEEDS to do in their first year!

1. Eat some delicious food at Creelman’s Market.

The food at Creelman’s Market is known to be the best around campus. The look of an open-market, this is the place to find one of the best pasta and pizza places; Casa Domenico. The Creelman’s Market also has Nature’s Best (vegetarian shop), and a Harvey’s. Creelman Marketplace is only a three minute walk from North Campus residences. If you a foodie, check the Creelman’s Market for some yummy options.

2. Paint the Cannon-(but only at night)!

As the cannon has been a symbolic representation of the University of Guelph, painting it is a must. But beware, this cannot happen during broad daylight, however anything after sunset is fair game. It would be amazing to have your artistic creation on the most significant representation of the school. This is one place to express your artistic desire in order for the entire university to notice.



3. Walk around the Arboretum.

Love the nature? The Arboretum continues to develop specialized gardens, botanical collections, and gene conservation programs. It is a beautiful walk around especially early in the morning. It is worth taking a walk at least once during your frosh year. There are many opportunities during frosh week to take a trail around the arboretum.



4. Use the Bus Transit and CSA to take a trip around the city.

Love traveling and exploring a new city? The CSA (Central Student Association) has made it possible for you to take a trip around the city. During your time off, drop by the city’s beautiful attractions, shops and food places.

5. Join an intramural team!

Love sports and meeting new people? This year Guelph is hosting: 3-Pitch, Badminton, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Curling, Dodgeball, Flag Football, Floor Hockey, Golf Tournament, Ice Hockey, Innertube Waterpolo, Lobball, Snow Flag Football, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, and a Multi-Sport League.


Joining an Intramural team can be fun and challenging at the same time. Helps keep you active and meet new people. It is worth trying to find out some of your new interests. Intramural registration is September 8 to 11. Participants are encourage to register on-line using our new registration system.

6. Find fresh produce at the Farmer’s Market.

If you live on or off campus, you must visit the Farmer’s Market. It is open all year round during Saturdays. It is a lovely way to start your Saturday morning to be exposed by fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, baked goods and flowers. It allows for a clear and fresh mind to go along with your day.

7. Pack a picnic for the Guelph Lake.

The park has two beaches, picnic areas, great fishing and plenty of space for sailing, canoeing and kayaking. It is a must visit during your free days to get some fresh air and relaxation.



8. Take a picture with the Gryphon Statue.

Being part of University of Guelph, you should be part of the spirit. One way is take a picture with the gryphon located on the entrance of the university.



9. Attend an open-mic-night at Bullring.

Initially built as a shed for horses and cows, it has progress long way since then from being a popular bar/dance club and is now a coffeehouse run by the Central Students Association. It’s famous for its coffee and once a week there is an open-mic-night. Try attending one of the events to relax and meet new people.


10. Attend the homecoming game.

Being a freshman student, attending your first homecoming game is super exciting. This year, the Gryphons are versing the Western Mustangs. It will be an interesting game especially with our longtime rivals. It is a great way to show your school spirit and cheer for our GRYPHONS!!!

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11. Watch (or play in) a Quidditch game.

University of Guelph is known for its quidditch team. If you a die heart harry potter fan or even just love sports, take some time off to watch a quidditch match during the fall.



12. Buy U of G wear.

Feeling the Guelph spirit, flaunt it. Show your awesome Gryphon swag around campus by buying Gryph tees, sweats or crewnecks from the Guelph Book Store.



13. Attend a Guelph varsity game.

Love sports or not, you must attend a varsity game. Spend some time to feel the overpowering spirit of your school accumulated all in one location. Experiencing the tension during a tied score and joy during the team’s win is worth experiencing. Make sure to experience at least one varsity game as I guarantee; it is worth it.


14. Spend a 1K on textbooks.

Studious? Or not? Textbooks are a must in university. We have all heard about how expensive books can be. Even if you decide to buy used books, they are still pretty expensive. So basically, trying to avoid a 1K bill on your textbooks is almost impossible. This is one experience all students face at Guelph.


15. Have at least one class in Rozanski Hall.

Rozanski hall is one of the largest lecture halls at University of Guelph. Whether you are in in a business program, a science program or arts, most people tend to have at least one class at Rozanski Hall. It is a really beautiful building with multiple lecture rooms which can hold up to 400 students

What are some things every Guelph frosh needs to do in their first year? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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