10 Things Every Girl Doesnt Want To Admit That She Does On Snapchat

Snapchat has become a very popular app over the past few years. With endless filters to fit your every mood and an excuse to share your life occurrences at any moment of the day, it’s no wonder as to why Snapchat has become a beloved part of our lives. However, sometimes it leads us to do things we don’t want to do. Here are some examples that may or may not hit a little too close to home:

1. Sending it twice because it’s just too nice!

It’s a great snap. Watch it twice! Cinematic masterpieces like this need to be appreciated in all its glory. Take it in.

2. Rewatching a story 435 times

If there was a notification for how many times you’ve watched your story, some questions would be raised, including a few phone calls for possible retraining orders. But he’s just so good with his nephew! The thoughts that run across your mind when they smirk at the camera; yum. I wish he looked at me the way he looks at his burger…

3. Obsessing over your best friends list

Nothing is more awkward to a social media addict than seeing a smiley face emoji next to a person you either a) don’t necessarily talk to that often, b) the guy/girl you’re playing hard to get with, or c) your ex. Trying to knock people off from your best friends list, or the satisfaction of seeing a smirk next to certain people is just a feeling you can’t describe. Let’s not forget about the warmth that comes when a yellow heart appears!


4. Waiting 10 minutes before opening a snap

Bae just sent you a snap! Do you play it cool? Do you open it right away? How long do you have to wait so you don’t come across as a sociopath? How do you take a screenshot without creeping them out? Why can you only replay a snap once? So many questions, so little time!

5. Putting an emoji over your pimple

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than when you’re trying to be cute and there’s a zit in your way. We all just want to be candidly gorgeous, but the only thing that’s candid about your selfie is the gaint, red beauty shining through every possible filter. But strategically placing a caption over said beauty, or putting an emoji over it doesn’t fool anyone. We won’t say anything if you don’t though.

6. Sending useless snaps because you’re feeling yourself

Your make-up is did. Your hair is on point. Your brows are on fleek. And the flower crown filter is just doing amazing things for your overall appearance and confidence. So you send a mass snap- and add it to your story. Your friends can look at you however many times they need to today. For 24 hours. Because you’re not doing this tomorrow. Tomorrow is your day to binge on Netflix with Cheetos on your face.

7. Ending friendships over snap streaks

You had a 140 day streak. And then you broke it. If that’s not ending a friendship, I don’t know what is. What we had was strong; a mutual understanding and bond of mindless selfies on the toilet! If you were so quick to bring that to an abrupt end, I don’t know if I can trust you. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted – bish.

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8. Replaying and screenshotting snaps you shouldn’t be screenshotting

Let’s just say, you’re going to need that triple chin, greasy haired selfie of your best friend for your black mailing collection. And those abs? Well, we understand your need to savour them for more than 10 seconds. So you go ahead and do that. Just be sure to think before you send snaps of things you know you’ll regret, especially if it’s to someone you know you shouldn’t be snapping to. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


9. Getting FOMO

First, you didn’t get an invite. And now, they’re blatantly letting you know they’re having fun without you with their Snapchats. And although you act like you didn’t want to go anyways, you low-key wish you were there. Whatever, it saved you time that could have been wasted on shaving your legs and trying to get into that dress you know you’re just not meant for.

10. Saving the really ugly snaps for those who matter

There’s a stark difference between the snaps you send your best friend and the snaps you send bae. Especially if it’s a potential bae. We know your best friend will never get a black screen with text, because she’s seen you in every light imaginable. Bae? Bae doesn’t know what their missing out on. And let’s leave it like that.

Are you guilty of doing these things every girl doesn’t want to admit that she does on Snapchat? Share with your friends to see if they are guilty too!
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Tasnia Nasar


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