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10 Things About The Bullring That Makes It The Ultimate Hangout Location

If you ever go to the University of Guelph you have to stop by the bullring. Whether it be to eat or just hang out, it’s one of the coolest hang outs on campus.

So have you been yet?

Here’s why you should go to The Bullring at University of Guelph:

1. The food is too good

No matter what you get there, you know it’s going to be good. From the multitude of apps to the delicious entrees, you can’t go wrong. They’ve got everything from California or chipotle chicken wraps to tikka or channa masala.

2. The service rocks

Whenever you get there and order they’re always so nice and then going up to pay you get the best service. You probably won’t get better service anywhere else on campus. Run by students so thy definitely understand you


3. Three words: Open mic night

Open mic night, one of the best nights of the week is Wednesday nights. The bull ring stays open until midnight and allows awesome local talents to show their stuff in front of their friends and many strangers. Makes for an awesome night out and an even better environment.

4. The “friends” look

This place gives you the complete “friends” hangout feel. Right from when you walk in it feels like “central perk”. Theres a least 8 comfy couches and tables all around to hang out and talk or do homework, whatever you feel at the time.

5. Friendly faces are the best

Always filled with university students you get the real experience, making new friends or just hanging around with old ones. No matter who you talk you you’re going to enjoy your conversations. Every student has a smile on their face.

6. Cozy in the winter time

During the winter when you’re stuck on campus cause you just finished class but your next one’s in an hour, this is a great place to hid out. It’s always warm and very welcoming. SO perfect for those cold winter days to just hid out.

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7. The bathrooms are too kind

The bathrooms stalls always have a way of making you feel better, you know what I’m talking about, the writings all over the stalls! There’s all these inspirational quotes and saying to make you feel better and to make you leave the bathroom with a smile on your face!


8.  Cheap food = happy people

You literally cannot go wrong with the bullring, considering the food is so cheap and it tastes so good too! Nothing’s more than $10, so sit back while you go out on your inexpensive night out and enjoy the great food and great company

9. Middle of everything

It right smack dab in the middle of the campus so if you live on campus its super close no matter what res you live in as well as people who don’t live on campus its not far from any bus stops! So go on go try it out!

10. Can’t go wrong

No matter what you just can’t go wrong, everything you get here is incredible and everyone you meet here is awesome your whole experience will be to die for so I definitely suggest going right now!!

Have you been to The Bullring at University of Guelph? What’s your favorite part about it? Comment below!
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Miranda Miller

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