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The Ups And Down Of A Dead-End Job

The Ups And Down Of A Dead-End Job

The Ups And Down Of A Dead-End Job

Every once in a while we apply for a position that you know is not going to get you anywhere. There might a cavalcade of reasons for applying to it: you need to kill time, you’re waiting for something, etc. But have you ever considered the convenience of these dead-end jobs we might go to as well the snags they come pre-packaged with? No? Well, let’s go over some and kill time before your next shift.

1.Low Expectations

Do you think any supervisors have high standards? Most of them do not in this field or learned to tone them the Hell down over time. As a result of these assumptions, most managers will be satisfied as long as you fulfill a set of tasks and wrap everything up once it’s time to close up shop. These expectations also hint to the fact that jobs like these are generally very chill.


2. More Relaxed

A dead-end job like working in a fast food restaurant or as a data entry clerk is extremely low-stakes which means your life won’t come to an end if anybody is unsatisfied by something going wrong during your shift. This breezy mindset could also apply right down to the hiring process as well.

3. Easy To Quit or Enter

Dead-end jobs are mostly summer jobs or maybe casual stuff like coffee makers and the like. Not only are they easy to get into, but it’s also most likely nobody will begrudge you if you feel like bailing out after staying in them for half a month. Which can be of great use to some individuals caught in a difficult time or simply twiddling their thumbs until the next development in your life comes along.

4.Lack of Mobility

There’s not a lot of chances for upward mobility in a dead-end job. Some places might try to simulate this feeling by giving you spots like “executive fry cook” or something, but you’ll probably feel like you’re running up a descending escalator: either stuck in place or inevitably heading downwards.


5.Not A Lot of Benefits

Let’s be obvious about one thing: you’re not getting any health benefits from working a dead-end job. While we could take the opportunity to rail about the current economic system we live in and point out how many poor unfortunate souls are forced into working dead-end jobs as we speak and unable to make ends meet, right now we have to remember you’re not getting dental while being a janitor. It sucks like an industrial vacuum, but it’s a sad fact of current life.

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6. Easy Exploitation

On top of not having some benefits actual jobs have, remember that a dead-end job is ripe for exploitation. It’s easy for an employer to heap crappy conditions onto you if they believe you’ve got nowhere to go to. Crappy hours, paying you in peanuts, and treating you like an obedient hound is something you can expect in high-class jobs and of course the dead-end ones. Nevertheless, this is common knowledge in this section of the workforce.

All things considered, looking at these blessings and curses, that are packaged with a dead-end job could have multiple uses for you: a defense for your current situation, a reminder that you’re better in the environment you’re currently in, or maybe just something we can all laugh at together. Do you think that being in a supposedly useless job helps you out or slows you down? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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