The Ultimate UofT Bucket List

Whether you’re going into your first or fourth year, there’s always something left to add to your UofT bucket list. Our campuses are filled with endless opportunities to give you a reason to close those books, open your mind and discover what UofT really has to offer.

This bucket list will be the ultimate guide to ensuring you get the most out of your time at UofT. It may feel like you have tons of time to check each item off the list, but speaking from a fifth-year perspective I’ve maybe checked off 20% of this list.

So go ahead and get started! Here, in no particular order, as you enter the new school year, are the things you MUST have checked off your UofT bucket list.

1. First things first: Memorize your student number…

You’ll need it… A LOT!

2. Visit the Thomas Fischer Rare Book Library in Robarts.


3. Go watch a varsity football game and cheer our team on!


4. Study at Robarts until the early morning hours… it’s actually peaceful and will make you despise it a little less.


5. Grab poutine from the blue food truck… trust me.


7. Take a class you never thought you would (perhaps a language course, SDS, or even MAT).

You may surprise yourself and continue them as an elective!

8. Join a workout class at Hart House.

9. Meet with the Career Center to better plan your life post-UofT.


10. Check out the awesome telescopes in the Astronomy building.


11. Join a club, any club, or all of them!


12. Make at least one friend in every class, every year.

13. Do an internship supervised by your favorite Prof for school credit.

It will look fantastic on your resume, and could lead to a job after Uni!

14. Sit front row in a class that scares you.

You’ll be surprised how much more you take away from the class.

15. Do a semester over-seas (Ireland sounds pretty darn good).


16. Take a summer course to experience the city in the summer heat.

Its hot, but its like a different city in the summer!

17. Experience a grand lecture in Con hall.

This is an absolute must as a UofT student.


18. Study in every library on campus at least once.


19. Visit the oldest building on campus.


20. Visit the newest one.

21. Ride the elevators at Robarts from the 13th floor just to know “the struggle.”

22. Find out where the closest Tim’s or Starbucks is.

Knock this out in first year… it’s crucial to your survival. You know what its like to be craving a coffee before your first morning class.

23. Figure out the Sid Smith Tim’s is a joke and not to go there because you WILL be late to lecture.

It is not worth the wait in line!!

24. Go to a frat party… then decide to never again.

25. Join a sorority!


26. Stress about first year marks…. and second, to finally reach the point of not caring so much about school because bell curve.

27. Hate Rosi.

The old student information program. So slow. It’s going to happen.

See Also

28. Get used to Rosi.


29. Switch to Acorn.

The new student information program, better than Rosi!

30. Fall in love with Acorn and Degree Explorer.

Both will help you stay on track academically.

31. Diss other colleges and universities on the regular.

We all know UofT is number 1!!!

32. Make it successfully across King’s College field without bathing in the mud, falling in the snow, or gliding on the giant sheet of ice it becomes in the winter.


33. Skip class until it becomes as natural as breathing… but then actually attend because your guilt is on the rise.

34. Freak out when you need water but realize you can’t actually buy any on campus.


35. Actually join a gym on campus… and use it!

36. Buy some UofT-branded sweats… they’re actually gloriously soft.


37. Be the person someone posts about on Spotted at UofT.


38. Post about someone on Spotted at UofT that you fell in love with briefly as you walked past them.


39. Attend as many school events as possible.


40. Graduate!!

Just make sure you get as much done on your bucket list before you do!


Warm up your printer, get this bucket list printed, stapled and folded away in your backpack! This school year is going to be crazy fun when you find yourself bored on break and decide to pull out your handy-dandy UofT bucket list!

What is on your UofT bucket list? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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Daniela Divito

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