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The Ultimate Toronto Sangria Crawl

The Ultimate Toronto Sangria Crawl

Whether you want to causally sip it on a patio, a date, or a fun night out with friends here are some of the best places for a Toronto sangria crawl.

Sangria is the perfect Summertime drink and Toronto has much to offer. Whether you want to causally sip it on a patio at a working lunch, a date, or a fun night out with friends here are some of the best places for the ultimate Toronto sangria crawl.

 1. Gusto 101 

This Italian style restaurant just between King St. West and Adelaide St. West has some of the best sangria in town. Consisting of a blend of St. Remy Brandy, peach schnapps, and freshly cut fruit, this classic is perfect for any occasion.


2. Sassafraz 

This restaurant in Yorkville located at Cumberland and Bellair, serves a choice of red or white sangria by the glass for only $12. You can do a Gamay Noir mixed with a pomegranate liqueur, orange juice, and a mixture of fruits, or you can go with the Sauvignon Blanc with apricot brandy and lemonade. Either way this is perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up.

3. 7 Numbers 

Located on Danforth Avenue, this restaurant puts a twist on their sangria by using a rose rather than red or white wine. This rose is then mixed with a sweet vermouth, brandy, aranciata, limonata, and cranberry juice to make a sweet tasting crisp beverage. It is great for sharing and is a must try!


4. Scaddabush 

The Yonge and Gerrard Italian restaurant makes their sangria with Pino Grigio, Limoncello, apple juice, passion fruit juice, organic Sicilian lemon juice, and ginger ale. Plus they have a red version using Red Sangiovese and brandy. Great by the glass or share by getting a pitcher!


5. Ha Ba Tang 

If you want a different experience then head on over to this Korean pub in Willowdale and get yourself a glass of their red or white sangria. They have red or white topped off with booze-soaked fruit. Get a glass or get a large size for the whole group to share.


6. Patria 

This sangria has a Spanish twist on it and they serve two different kinds. Located on King West, this Spanish restaurant has a red wine version which blends sweet vermouth, port, a spiced poached pear reduction, and orange juice, or enjoy a white version with white wine, apple cider, lemongrass reduction, and Lillet. Comes by the glass or order a pitcher for $33.

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7. Reposado 

While this lounge is known for its tequila, its sangria is also stellar! You can choose between red wine with a combination of fresh fruits, or a white wine with peaches and pineapple. Either way, go for the experience and enjoy a nice time with friends at this hip lounge on Ossington!



8. Playa Cabana 

Our tour wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Playa Cabana on Dupont. Its sangria combines house infused pomegranate 1800 with red wine and lime juice, and agave. Enjoy this on the patio with some tapas and soak up the sun with this perfect summertime buzz.

This concludes our sangria tour of Toronto. Summer is the perfect time to hop around and try as much as you can while soaking up the sun and hanging with friends. So be sure to try some, if not all, of these places this summer!

Where are your favorite places to drink Toronto sangria? Share in the comments below!
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