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The Ultimate Ranking Of Freshman Dorms At The University Of Guelph

The Ultimate Ranking Of Freshman Dorms At The University Of Guelph

Are you trying to decide which dorms at the University of Guelph are the best? Not all dorms are created equal at Guelph. Picking the right dorm during your freshman year definitely makes a huge difference. Keep reading for the ultimate ranking of freshman dorms at The University of Guelph.

1. Johnston

Known to be heart of the university, it is literally in the centre of the campus. Everything is in really close to the campus. It resides 315 students. Rooms are designed to reside one, two or three students. It is known to be the universities most known and recognized building for its beautiful architecture. Really close walking distance to the gym, Creelman’s, Roz hall and War MEM.


2. Lambton

Is recently renovated to have a modern and chic finish to your room. Resides 400 students, majority of first year students. Is recommended for first years as recently have introduced multiple academic learning communities and cluster to share class material, study and build new friendship.



3. Biology House

Is a cluster type community located across the campus in a hotel. It great as you get your own washroom or you just share with your roommate. Bigger beds, TV and a lot more storage is provided in each room. However it is outside campus which may be an inappropriate choice for some freshman.

4. Lennox and Addington

One of the tallest resident buildings on campus. Most rooms are single or doubles. Each floor has a separate washroom for males and females however it is a communal after all. Convenient store and grocery located within the building. A little far from the main part of the campus. Can be considered to be a long walk for some students.


5. East Village

It’s basically like having your own house. A very private environment. A single town house can accommodate up to 6 students. Great for students who want space as all the bedrooms are single rooms. Great for parties!

6. Mills

It’s a traditional style of living where you are always surrounded by people. Most of the rooms are triples and showers are communal. It is especially hard to adjust if your roommates are total strangers.

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7. Watson

It is one of the oldest buildings on campus. Is on the farthest end of north, so it’s not really convenient. Only resides 50 females.

8. South

Contains mainly single residences. Rooms seem a little claustrophobic. The rooms are nice and cozy but looks very sketchy from the outside. If you like privacy at the same time, love to party, maybe this could be your home.

What are your favorite dorms at The University of Guelph? Comment below and share the article!
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