The Ultimate List Of Coachella Hairstyles Everyone Will Be Trying

These Coachella hairstyles are a great way to add interest to a boring and last minute outfit. Coachella is probably one of the most coveted music festivals throughout time. That is biased, yes. But honestly who doesn’t want to black out in the desert and listen to Drake?

1. The Braids

Braids are everywhere! Little braids and big braids are what Coachella really is about. If you have thin hair like moi go for a lot of little braids throughout your hair for a flowy casual look.

This looks great if there is a lot going on in your outfit and you need to tone it down.


2. The Ultimate Braids

These are the french braids that are followed by extensions that go to your ass. These braids have oomph and are definitely not meant for a casual look.

These braids reek of power and authority. And probably pot. Grab some extensions that at least go to mid but cheek and weave her in.


3. Space Buns

Space buns are quirky and cool and scream “I’m not like other girls” frankly I have more hair on one side of my head so space buns look stupid.

But if you have mastered the art of the Coachella hairstyles this should be a no brainer. But why is making them even the hardest part?

4. Glitter Queen

Shine bright like a diamond! Whether it is straight up glitter, jewels, glitter gel, put it on your head. Any way you want to be bedazzled give this trend a try.


For a more subtle vibe bedazzle your center or side part with some glitter gel and it will stay in place all day! No glitter falling all over while you try to dance like no one is watching.

5.  7 Rings

Hair rings are completely badass. It is a great accessory to the braids especially if you have a few in each strand. It is a minimalistic and edgy look with minimal effort. Find rings with charms are just simple rings and bedazzle away.

6. Flower Power

Flower crowns were a bit too 2016. Instead, add flower strands throughout your messy locks for a hippie drippy aesthetic. Very Miley. For a simple DIY bobby pin some in place throughout your hair. Works the best if all you had planned hair wise was a messy bun!


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7.  Rainbow

Manic Panic is going to be your bitch! Rainbow hair is so Coachella and major hair trends like lilac are in for this festival season. Dye your hair multiple colors are just one. This is great to add to the ultimate braid, use colorful extensions and bam.


8.  Double Trouble

This is one is simple. Its very 90s Spice Girls. Part your locks in the middle and on either side make two parallel pigtails that go to the back of your head. Keep them as pigtails or morph into braids. 

9.  Bandana Babe

Bandanas are a super cute way to spice up your Coachella hairstyles and are better than a basic af headband.  Grab them in a bunch of different colors and tie one to your short if you feel so inclined.


10. Messy

Coachella hairstyles are about being messy so be messy. What is easier than curly messy hair. This is all this is a shit ton of hairspray and they hope that it looks just as carefree as it did when you left.

Throughout the day you can put your hair in a bun and it won’t mess it up it will probably just add more volume.

Coachella hairstyles are all about functionality and flow. They should be fun and embrace the festival spirit. Leave a comment down below about your favorite Coachella hairstyles.

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