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The Typical Day Of A UofT Student

The Typical Day Of A UofT Student

Have you ever wondered what the typical day of a UofT student is like? Well now you can find out! Keep reading for a play by play of what a UofT student experiences over the course of a day.


The very first thing on your list before you can even process what day it is and what class you’re about to be late for… you’re already storming toward the nearest Tim’s or Starbucks.

Coming To Your Senses

By the time the coffee cup touches your lips you clue in to what day it is and that you have class at Sid Smith in t-minus 10 minutes. Let the long journey down St. George Street begin!


Sleeping Anywhere And Everywhere

Yup, you’ve just moved yourself from sleeping in your bed to sleeping in your seat.

The prof sounds like he’s mumbling, your eyes are glossing over, and your coffee cup is down to its last drop.

You literally watch the minutes go by until lecture is over, but at least you’ve become a pro at sleeping with your eyes open!



You Facebook stalk everyone and their mothers from high school, fill up your shopping kart online… and quickly empty your shopping kart online because, LOL you’re a broke-ass student.

Get Your Priorities Straight

After lecture you’re off to grab some grub because you realize you haven’t eaten since last nights crappy grilled cheese dinner. On your way to find food you pass by either Hart House or the Athletic Center… thinking of how great it would be to hit the gym.

But really that’s just one more thing you don’t need to stress about: your not-so-in-shape body from stress eating and lack of home-cooked meals… on to finding food we go!

Finally Feasting

Forget the gym, you smell street meat! After sitting in class from 10am-3pm you decide it’s a good idea to grab a super late lunch! Who really has time to pack a lunch or even go home and make one? Not us UofT students! You opt for whatever food truck is closest and head to the library for some more fun!



Library Sesh

As you savagely eat your street meat you consider which library would be the best fit for your studies of the day.

Robarts… Kelly… Gerstein… UC… realistically you know you’re going to end up taking a nap and staring out the windows for hours contemplating if this Uni life is for you.


You opt for Robarts 13th floor with the greatest of views and deadliest of silences.

Low Key Break Down #18276

As you sit amongst your fellow stuDYING-students you decide it’s the perfect time to have a mental breakdown. I don’t know about you guys, but in 5 years of undergrad I usually have a breakdown once a week… in a good week that is!

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So yes, you have your breakdown in the middle of the library.


1. Why UofT hates you?
2. Why you didn’t just accept your scholarship to Ryerson and be done with it?
3. Why, Oh why did you Netflix and chill when you should have Robarts and essay’d?
4. Does Dj Khaled have a major key for UofT students to ease this pain?
5. Why you didn’t listen to the voice of reason and become a pimp or exotic dancer already?
6. Why does the word “tetrachlorodibenzoparadioxin” have to be on the midterm?
7. Why hasn’t someone discovered your YouTube channel and made you famous yet?
8. Why can’t you be born with ALL of the knowledge?
9. Why doesn’t McLuhan just tell us what the message is already?
10. And why on earth did you eat that street meat?

Ugly cry it all out, don’t worry Kim K, it’ll be alright!


Night Life

Finally, after hours of studying, you and your tear stained cheeks are ready to go have some real fun!

As you commute home you dream of all the things you want to get done that night, it’ll feel so good to take a break from the books and catch up with family and friends.

You spring in the door, throw your knapsack aside – careful to make sure your life and savior (your laptop) wasn’t damaged in the toss. You stare at your friends, the TV and then so graciously glance over to the left of the room. Your heart skips a beat and your stomach drops… you’ve just fallen in love!

You quickly decide EVERYTHING else can wait because your bed has been waiting all day for your arrival!

Sleep is much more important than any family member or friend.


It’s officially lights out… until tomorrow when you’ve got to repeat your entire routine of living the hectic life of a UofT student!

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