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The Typical Day Of A Student At Dalhousie University

The Typical Day Of A Student At Dalhousie University


Some come to Dalhousie for the academics, some for the beautiful campus, some for the excitement of the city, and some to get as far away from home as possible. However, no matter their reasons for coming or backgrounds, they will over the course of their degree share many of the same experiences. That being said, here’s a breakdown of the typical day of a student at Dalhousie University.

7:00 am: Alarm goes off.

8:00 am: Checks Dal alerts to see if class is canceled (it’s not).

8:05 am: Checks Dal alerts again to see if class is canceled (it’s still not).

8:15 am: Gets out of bed for 8:35 class.



8:27 am: Gets in line for coffee at Tim Hortons.

8:45 am: Still in line for coffee.

8:50 am: Finally makes it to 8:35 class.

10:37 am: Tries to concentrate on class while hangover worsens.

10:45 am: Prof tries to play video, sound doesn’t work.

10:47 am: Sound still not working, WPA-2 also down.

1:25 pm: Need to make it from the Mccain to the LSC before 1:35.


1:27 pm: Stuck behind slow walkers in the Killam.

1:30 pm: Can’t open the doors in the Killam #help.


1:31 pm: Accidentally pushing the pull door #oops.

1:33 pm: Took a wrong turn in the tunnels, lost in the Chem building.


1:35 pm: Makes it to class, sweating profusely.

1:10 pm: “Okay 20 minute nap before 1:35 class.”

2:15 pm: *Wakes up from nap.


7:15 pm: “I’m broke I’m not drinking tonight.”

8:30 pm: “Okay I’ll have casuals but I’m not getting drunk.”

9:00 pm: “Okay I’ll go downtown but I’m NOT going to the dome.”

9:30 pm: Gets text, “Dome?”

11:30 pm: In line for the Dome.

12:30 am: Alone on Dome dance floor.


12:35 am: No longer alone on the Dome dance floor.

2:30 am: Almost home with a slice of Triple-A in hand.

3:30 am: Snug in bed ready to do it all again tomorrow.


What else is there to add to the typical day of a student at Dalhousie University? Comment below!
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