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The Tips For A First Date That You Need To Know

The Tips For A First Date That You Need To Know

If you've got a hot date, then these are the tips for a first date that you need to know! When it comes to conversation, kissing, what to wear... we've got you covered!

Dating is a thing I know very little about, as someone who is only now going on their first date, I have no clue what do on them. I’ve seen movies and read romances and it all sounds great; candle lit dinners or getting a coffee with each other, the opportunities to get to know someone just a little bit more sound wonderful and…terrifying. If you are as clueless as I am about your first date, let us learn together. In this article you will find tips for a first date that will help both you and myself.

Be Chivalrous

With the lack of skill I have in dating, I can even out with my knowledge of romance movie etiquette. I know movie romances are dramatized and not real so why am I taking inspiration from them? Well, as drama induced as they are, they do hold some truth to them. One common theme in these movies, are the chivalrous men. Chivalry can go a long way for whoever your going on a date with.  Pulling out their chair for them, paying for their meal, or giving them your coat to keep them warm. Stuff like that is not only polite, but very courteous. By being chivalrous, you’re showing them that they are special to you. Yes, I did learn about this from mainstream romances, but just because it was in a movie doesn’t make this above and beyond behaviour any less of a nice gesture to experience. I’m sure someone who is that considerate and puts that much effort into a date will most likely get a second one.


Listening is key in any type of relationship whether that be friendship, family or significant other. We all want to be acknowledged, to have our thoughts and our lives seem important to other people, even only for a little while. We just all want to be understood. Whoever your date may be, they want you to be there, to listen, to pay attention. Plus it’s pretty rude not to do so. So a big tip is to not get distracted by your Instagram or Twitter and pay attention to someone who is taking a chance at romance…just like you are. This is one of the best tips for a first date!


Don’t Try To Impress Them With Weird Facts You Know

I’m completely behind being yourself especially when your meeting someone for the first time. Try to be honestly and authentically yourself. But in your nervousness try not to tell them really weird facts about serial killers or how animals digest their food. It might not be the best first date conversation ( except if they find that stuff interesting then keep those facts coming). It might also make them steer clear of you in the future something you wouldn’t want.

Find Common Ground

For your first date with someone you want to find something your both interested in so that you can keep the conversation going. Maybe it’s a tv show you both enjoy or a celebrity you both like? Who knows but finding common ground is important in keeping not only the conversation going but the whole date to continue smoothly. If you are interested in something your date is interested in then they will most likely like you more as they know you have similar interests. So try to find common ground with your date to help build a stronger connection between the two of you.

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Be A Decent Human Being

One of my last tips for a first date for both you and me is to simply be a decent human being. AKA – be kind, caring, and attentive. Don’t push your date into telling you things they don’t want to talk about, and treat them with respect. This person is also putting themselves out there, and opening themselves up to the possibility of finding their perfect someone, so treat them right.

At the end of it all, have fun, be honest and open up! I’m sure your date will be very happy to have you by their side. It’s hard to take a chance like this, and potentially get your heart broken, however, it’s also necessary to meet the person who is perfect for you!

Did you like these tips for a first date? Let us know in the comment section below!

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