The Perfect Electives To Boost Your Crumbling GPA

The Perfect Electives To Boost Your Crumbling GPA

Suddenly staying up all night, in order to binge watch Netflix until your eyes bleed, doesn’t sound like such a grand idea now does it? You have that midterm (that you obviously didn’t prepare for) first thing tomorrow morning and your GPA is crumbling faster than that cookie you just devoured. But wait, you mustn’t fret, because I have the perfect electives to save you, your kitty, and your GPA.

Concordia University

1455 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O, Montréal, QC

1. CHEM 208 – Chemistry In Our Lives

Please don’t panic when you read the words chemistry because this course is designed to be an introduction and nothing more. It essentially concentrates on establishing basic chemical vocabulary and concepts (think back to all those days you skipped high school science class) needed to comprehend the numerous aspects chemistry plays in our lives. Better still, it’s one of the electives that are totally online.

The Perfect Electives To Boost Your Crumbling GPA

2. INTE 290 – Computer Usage & Design

Hold on to your horses, ladies and gents, because this course teaches students how to operate the latest Windows operating system and all its Microsoft Office applications. Yes, you heard that right. This is one of those rare and unforeseen electives where you learn about Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Like, are you kidding me? Who wouldn’t want to take this class unless, of course, you have never used a computer.

The Perfect Electives To Boost Your Crumbling GPA

3. EXCI 233 – Current Issues In Personal And Community Health

This course presents a general overview of some pretty basic concepts; factors that influence personal and community health. That is, you will learn about prevalent mental and physical health issues from various points of view, including biological, psychological, and sociological. As well, topics pertaining to drug abuse, communicable diseases, birth control, eating disorders, among many others, are discussed. Honestly, it’s one of the more enjoyable electives offered.

4. EXCI 251 – Fundamentals of Health and Physical Activity

Yes, that is correct; another exercise science course. The reason being, you’re tested on knowledge that is so basic that you would have learned it while growing up anyway. For example, general topics concerning the benefits of physical activity, from anatomical and physiological perspectives, are discussed. The end goal of the course is to have students be able to apply, to their own lives, all the concepts they have learned throughout the semester. Easy peasy!

The Perfect Electives To Boost Your Crumbling GPA

McGill University

845 Sherbrooke St W, Montréal, QC

1. MUAR 211 – The Art Of Listening

Yes, you definitely read that right. McGill offers a course based on the art of listening as one of their electives. Apparently, it’s an introductory course to the major forms and styles in Western music from the Baroque to the present day. Moreover, there is an emphasis on guided listening in the classroom. And no, you do not need prior music-reading knowledge in order to properly enjoy yourself.

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2. CHEM 181 -World Of Chemistry: Food

Another extremely basic and entertaining chemistry course that you can take as one of your electives, only this time it’s from another university. You’ll be presented with a series of lectures on the historical, practical, and basic chemical aspects pertaining to food and food additives; vitamins and minerals; diet and cancer;  as well as dieting and food-borne illnesses. Realistically, you don’t need any prior knowledge of chemistry in order to succeed.

The Perfect Electives To Boost Your Crumbling GPA

3.  GEOG 210 – Global Places And People

Lovers of high school geography rejoice because this course is basically a continuation from where you left off all those wonderful years ago. You’ll be introduced to key themes in human geography such as maps and how they are made; the interpretation and contestation of landscapes (I assure you that it’s not as boring as it sounds), as well as the examination of globalization.

4. MUAR 201 – Basic Materials: Western Music

Another one of the relatively easy music electives to help you get through the disastrous semester. In brief, this course will investigate a combination of elementary theory and ear training (such as aural recognition), as well as the notation of pitch and rhythm, intervals, introductory melody, and much more. That being said, any true fan of music will surely have the time of their lives.

The Perfect Electives To Boost Your Crumbling GPA

Hopefully, no matter which Montreal University you attend, these electives will help save you in your time of need. Having said that, are there any other electives that you would recommend to your fellow comrades?

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