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The 10 Most Instagram Worthy Places To Eat In Toronto

The 10 Most Instagram Worthy Places To Eat In Toronto

There are so many delicious places to eat in Toronto, but some are more Instagram worthy. Give your followers serious food envy with pics from these spots!

If you’re a foodie like myself, you definitely spend the majority of your time hunting out endless restaurants to visit. Not only do you want to try their food, but you obviously go for the fun of ‘Gramming it. Part of being a foodie is making others crave what you have the pleasure of eating! Here are the top 10 most Instagram worthy foods found in Toronto, personally picked and tasted by yours truly!

1. The Meaty Platters at Otto’s Bierhalle, 1087 Queen St. W

The colourful array of goodies presented on platters that are ready to be dove into, make old-school plates seem so passé.

2. The Hollywood Cone’s Monster Milkshakes, 1167 Queen St. W

Skip dinner and enjoy the meal-sized milkshakes at Hollywood Cone. These creations will no doubt get your Instagram likes into the triple digits!


3. The Not So Petit Dessert Towers at Petit Potato, 10 Ravel Rd, North York

These massive stacks of goodness will have you standing on your chair straining to get the perfect aerial view for your Insta-fans!




4. Chocolates X Brandon Olsen’s Unreal Galaxy Choco-Eggs, 193 Baldwin St, Kensington Market

This chocolatier shop is the ideal destination to get the perfect mix of colour and sweetness all in one Instagram-worthy photo!


5. Bake Shoppe’s Rapper’s Delight Cookies, 859 College St

Because who doesn’t love Drake, Biggie, Snoop, and Kanye in cookie form? Your Instagram likes will be hitting all new highs with these sweeties on your profile!



6. The Free-Flowing Desserts at Poop Café, Bloor St West

Eating dessert served in a toilet bowl, while sitting on a toilet chair, wearing a poop emoji hat, and sipping coffee out of a poop mug? Need I say more? Your Instagram is begging you to visit this café!

7. The VERY Cool Creations at Cool N2, 28 South Unionville Av, Unit 1036, Markham

Ever had ice cream made fresh with liquid nitrogen? Well let me tell you the uproar it caused on my Instagram Story… go on, I know you want to try it.


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8. Bake Code’s Spin on Classic European Goodies, 4910 Yonge St


This bakery has cracked The Euro-Asian Bakery Code with their crazy charcoal croissants. They’re the blast of contrast of black and bright colours your Instagram page needs.

9. Kick It With The Italians At San Remo Bakery, 374 Royal York Rd

Everything and anything in this bakery is Instagram-worthy. I suggest rolling around in their Nutella tart and taking a Boomerang for all your followers to drool over.



10. Get Bare Meat Sweats at Bareburger, 111 Dundas St W

Another fabulous location to film burger juices flowing down your arm and stacked onion rings crumbling to the floor!

These 10 hot spots will have your Instagram followers wondering when you became such a lavish Toronto foodie. So go ahead and Boomerang, Rewind, and post all of the delicious goodies on this list. I’d give you a follow!

Do you know of any other Instagram worthy places to eat in Toronto!? Share in the comments below!

Featured Image: Instagram

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