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The Many Downsides Of Working In Multiple Jobs

The Many Downsides Of Working In Multiple Jobs

Sometimes we believe we can multitask. Whether this fact is true or not, average people always recommend that you avoid saddling yourself with this burden or often say that those who do take on multiple jobs are simply trying their best to make ends meet, getting some experience on the side, or just supplementing a meager salary that a single job provides. For this reason, let’s take a look at a few arguments explaining why getting hired for more than one job is probably a shot in the foot for anyone out there.

Not A Lot of Time to Yourself

Multiple jobs evidently steal away any time you could have spent on your hobbies, meeting your friends or family, or just taking time for something you want to do. This obvious problem can also turn into a cold knife between your shoulder blades as one or even all these jobs demand that you show up for extra hours because of rush periods or missing coworkers. By that same token, if the tiresome nature of these multiple jobs doesn’t wear you down, your body and mind will probably be the first to silently cry out in protest of your new lifestyle…

Additional Stress

One job is already enough for most people but taking on multiple jobs at the same time is the obvious recipe for bountiful stress. Of course, as we all know, stress never comes alone. You’ll be in a dour mood, constantly twitchy, cursing your lot in life, and probably a bit more irritated by the slightest inconvenience you might bump into. And of course, the excessive stress of these multiple jobs might end up leaving a ragged and tired shell of your former self sipping coffee or energy drinks to placate the next fault.

Not a Lot of Energy

So with a lack of time for yourself in between the two jobs and with the multiplied stress driving you mad, you probably won’t be surprised by the fact that you can barely have any sleep or function coherently as your energy is sapped away by the strain you’ve put yourself through. Most of your free time will be spent clawing back your siphoned vigor, preparing for the following shift and perhaps pondering why you even bothered enlisting into multiple jobs in the first place. Which could provide the perfect excuse for the fact you mentally checked out and are now working on autopilot throughout most of the week.

Lackluster Performance

Channeling your energies into multiple endeavors can often create lackluster performances in either of these tasks. Before you know it, this problem can escalate and you could end up handing in paltry work that you’ve only started taking on the night before or cutting corners with whatever daily task you’ve been handed in at your multiple workplaces. Depending on the kind of jobs you’re hired for and the importance of these endeavors, your superiors might be misled into thinking you’re just being lazy or uninvested as you’re charring the candle at both ends. Or perhaps even completely turned to ash. Thus the hassle of working multiple jobs claims another victim whose greatest reprieve will be heading home at the end of the day while undergoing burnout.

In light of all this misery, do any of you readers personally believe taking on multiple jobs has any positive impacts at all? Or is it a hellish burden that most people should avoid like a handshake from a person with unwashed hands? If so, perhaps you could give us a few of these advantages in the comment section!

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