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The Best Summer Events In Montreal

The Best Summer Events In Montreal

The Best Summer Events In Montreal

So, you have finally decided to take the long-awaited road trip to Montreal. You’re beyond ecstatic, you’ve only mentioned it to your friends about 82 times, and you can barely wait. The only question left to ask is, do you even have a plan? Otherwise, fear not, because I have you covered. That is to say, there are various summer events in Montreal that just so happen to be totally worth the trip.

Piknic Électronik

Running from May 19 all the until September 29, Piknic Électronik is without a doubt one of the more popular summer events in Montreal. Basically, anyone who enjoys electronic music has most definitely been here at least once.

It’s an outdoor event, taking place on every Summer of the season, providing visitors with an opportunity to enjoy great weather, a fantastic view of Montreal (because it’s located within Parc Jean-Drapeau), and, most importantly, quality electronic music. Likewise, there tends to be eclectic programming that will be admired by both neophytes and those already accustomed to the popular genre.


Montréal Cirque Festival

Coursing through just 10 days (July 4 to July 14), Montreal will be moving to the beat of the circus (and who doesn’t appreciate a great circus because, after all, Montreal does it best). As follows, the city will reawaken once more, and both surprises and enchantments will be unveiled (sounds like I’m leading you to Hogwarts or something).

Montreal’s streets, parks, sidewalks, and even indoor performance halls shall be converted into venues for extravagant, high-flying performances. Moreover, there will be numerous activities to participate in,  an international show, outdoor circus productions, as well as plenty of other surprises and memories to be made.


Grand Prix Festival

Out of all the summer events, this is my least preferred. Nevertheless, it’s included on my list just because of how popular it is with your average joe.

Thankfully for only 3 days (From June 6th until the 8th), Canada’s largest racing festival has morphed Crescent street into a free venue for fans of all things racing. Likewise, tourists and even Montrealers themselves are looking to celebrate.

In addition, there will be live entertainment for all three nights, alongside several activities. Namely, kiosks, car exhibitions and plenty more.



In case you needed to know (I’m sure you did), out of all the summer events that Montreal has to offer, this one is by far my most preferred. The reason being, it’s simply an extremely relaxing and carefree time. Seriously though, there should more summers events, such as this one, all throughout the world. It’s time to relax and unwind ladies and gentlemen!

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Anyway, as I was saying, located in Mount Royal Park, Tam-Tams just so happens to be the informal name of a weekly (every Sunday), longtime standing summer event nearby the George-Étienne Cartier Monument.

And, funny story, the name “Tam-Tams” originates from the sound of drums, referring to the numerous drum circles scattered throughout the park. To elaborate further, hundreds of drum players, dancers, vendors, and even tourists join together every Sunday all throughout the hot summer months, seizing the majority of the open field on the edge of Mount Royal Park.


The Tam-Tams typically begin at around 10:30am (depending, of course, on how hungover everyone may be) and goes on until sunset. And, the real beauty of Tam-Tams is that, in actuality, it is not an officially sanctioned nor even sponsored event (impressive, if I do say so myself).

In other words, we as civilians living in Montreal have taken it upon ourselves to create and maintain this oh so special event/celebration. And, because of this, we may never be able to identify when it began or who even was the stoned individual that came up with this fabulous idea.

I’ve clearly skipped many other summer events that Montreal has to offer us so why not do me a teenie weenie favor and tell me your favorites, alrighty? Comment below!

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