The Best Sex Positions You Need To Try With Your SO Now

These five best sex positions are guaranteed to give you and your SO a hot and spicy night! It’s always fun to mix it up a little bit, especially when it comes to sex, and this list of best sex positions will help you get there! All you have to do is introduce one or a few of these sex positions into your sexy time, and BOOM! You’re in for a memorable night! You could even make an event out of it, by picking a night in advance, perhaps buying a new toy or piece of lingerie, and deciding to focus on each other’s sexual pleasure in a new way! No matter how you get into it, whether you discuss it or if it just happens naturally, these sex positions are there for you, just the best to give you that ~sexy~ evening together you’ve both been dreaming about!

1. Camel Style

This twist on doggy style proves to be one of the best sex positions on its own! Instead on kneeling on all fours, have one SO kneel, but sit back, so that while they are on their hands and knees, their feet are together. This allows for more guidance and grip for the entering partner, but also gives leverage for the partner being entered. This sex position is the best because it feels raw and animalistic – a hot twist on an old favourite!

The Best Sex Positions You Need To Try With Your SO Now

2. Butterfly Position

This sex position allows for you to have some of your deepest, most penetrative sex. Have one partner lie on their back, with their  legs spread out wide, but bent at the knee, just like a seated butterfly position. This sex position will let you control the depth of penetration, and also gives the partner lying down plenty of room to play with themselves, and really enjoy the ride!

The Best Sex Positions You Need To Try With Your SO Now

3. Squatting On Top

One of the best sex positions for intimate, supportive, and thoroughly hot sex, this sex position is a play on girl on top. Have one partner sit back on their heels, with the other partner sitting on top of them, facing outwards. The two of you can tease each other by prolonging when one enters the other, and can also continuously play with one another. Once you are fully having sex, the penetration will be deep – switch up how the two of you move around on each other. For an extra hot tip, do this position facing a mirror – you can watch how hot you look together!

The Best Sex Positions You Need To Try With Your SO Now

4. Kama Sutra: Split Bamboo

In this sex position, found in the Kama Sutra, one partner is lying down with one leg resting on the shoulder of the partner entering them. With a leg up like that, this sex position is the best, as it allows for very deep penetration, and lots of room for a smooth rhythm. The partner entering the other can also like, bite and suck on the leg or toes of the other partner. Paying attention to a body part so often neglected is sooooo sexy, as well as being totally erotic!

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The Best Sex Positions You Need To Try With Your SO Now

5. The Amazon

This sex position is the best because it mixes together both missionary and cowgirl! The partner entering the other should lie down on their back, with their feet up in a table top position, so that the other partner can sit right on top. The sex position is best when done slowly, and shouldn’t take too many calculations to get you righting the sweet spot. Enjoy this position as it allows whoever is being entered to feel a different point of view of control!

The Best Sex Positions You Need To Try With Your SO Now

Is your favourite sex position on this list? Which of these positions do you think you’ll try with your SO? Tell us in the comments below!

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