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The Best Poutine In Montreal You Can Find

The Best Poutine In Montreal You Can Find

The Best Poutine In Montreal You Can Find

Craving some poutine? The Canadian/Quebecois classic dish, poutine, with french fries, gravy and cheese curds will always bring a smile to you face! Montreal is, of course, the capital city for this dish; here’s a list of the best poutines in Montreal you can find! Ranging from older, classic Montreal institutions to the new kids on the block, this list has a lil something for everyone.

1. La Banquise

This late-night favourite has every poutine combination you can dream of. Known for serving their poutine twenty four hours a day (you read that right), La Banquise has all your poutine cravings. While they do have an assortment of other dishes, namely burgers and hot dogs, it’s the poutine that will bring you there, and the poutine that will keep calling you back. Every poutine comes in a regular or large size (you’ll only need the regular I SWEAR), and each is served with mushroom gravy – yummy and accessible for everyone! I urge you to try something other than the straight-up classic poutine; there’s soooooo many to choose from! Be careful, there is ALWAYS a line!

2. Patati Patata

Located on St. Laurent and open until two AM, this tiny diner is a fixture of the Montreal late-night-eats circuit. While there are plenty of other options on the menu – greasy breakfasts there are a favourite – the poutine is what sets this lil shop apart. The thin, salty fries with perfect gravy and squeaky cheese curds, all topped with an olive, is regarded by many as the best poutine in Montreal, or, at least, one of the main contenders for that crown. However, the best thing on the menu, in my humble opinion, is the ‘patatine’. Regular poutine, plus mushrooms, peppers and onions? Yes PLEASE! The best accoutrements to the best poutine!


3. Gibeau Orange Julep

A classic Montreal landmark, the Gibeau Orange Julep is a greasy, orange oasis on the edge of Montreal. A roadside attraction and roadside diner, the Gibeau Orange Julep has been serving up hot dogs, orange julep drinks, and most importantly, poutine, since 1932. Open until 2 or 3am throughout the summer, and with reduced hours in the winter, the Julep is always your spot to get a poutine fix! Try a classic Montrealer poutine in a classic Montreal setting, and wash it down with an orange julep – basically a melted creamsicle!

4. Greenspot Restaurant

A fixture in Montreal’s St. Henri neighbourhood, Greenspot is THE Montreal diner. Their menu has just about everything on it, but their poutine is really some of the best in the city. If you’re looking for the perfect nostalgic atmosphere to enjoy your poutine, Greenspot is for you. With thick-cut french fries, this is a hearty poutine. If you’re feeling up to it, try one of their many hotdogs, another timeless Montreal menu option.

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5. Ma Poule Mouillée

There are many places in Montreal for poutine, many places for Portuguese chicken, and many places that combine the two. Yet, Ma Poule Mouillée is arguably the best for a chicken-topped plate of fries, gravy and cheese curds. The Plateau favourite, known for having frequent line-ups, also has an assortment of chicken sandwiches that would give any other Portuguese chicken shop a run for their money! Whether you’re craving Portuguese chicken or poutine, this restaurant combines the two into the best of both worlds!

6. Restaurant A.A

A little hole-in-the wall located in the St. Henri neighbourhood, Restaurant A.A has HUGE poutine portions that any poutine lover will not want to miss. Open til 5 am everyday and serving up classic greasy spoon fare, Restaurant A.A is basically a cult Montreal poutine classic. This is truly one of the best places for a late night drunk poutine run! With a very simple setting, Restaurant A.A lets its food do alllllll the talking!

Are you a Montrealer? What’s your favourite spot for poutine in town? Tell us in the comments below!

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