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The Best Places In Toronto To Get A Brazilian Wax

The Best Places In Toronto To Get A Brazilian Wax

The Best Places In Toronto To Get A Brazilian Wax

Now that it’s finally #SummerSzn, it’s time to schedule your next Brazilian wax appointment to get pool and beach ready. Brazilian waxes are the best way to remove hair *ahem* down there. They typically last for 4-6 weeks, reduces the chance of ingrown hairs, and decreases skin irritation. When choosing your Brazilian wax method, you can opt for a traditional wax or sugaring. Both methods will remove the hair from its root, but sugaring is a more natural process. Sugar wax consists of only sugar, lemon, and water, and the wax only wraps around the hairs which reduces pulling on the skin. If you’re prone to ingrown hairs from traditional waxing or are allergic to the wax formula, sugaring is for you! Regardless of your preferred hair removal method, these are the best places in Toronto to get an affordable and quality Brazilian wax!

Aroma Waxing Clinic

Aroma is one of the best waxing clinics in Toronto, and one visit will convince you why. They have two locations in Toronto, one midtown at Yonge and Davisville, and one in the Annex at Bathurst and Bloor. They offer full body waxing and sugaring, spray tanning, as well as laser hair removal. If you’re thinking of booking your next Brazilian wax, Aroma offers a 15% discount on all wax services on Tuesday and Wednesdays!
Brazilian Wax: $37 | Brazilian Sugaring: $42

Waxon Laser and Waxbar

Waxon was founded by badass babe and #BeautyBoss Lexi Miles and is one of the hottest wax bars in town. They have 13 locations all across Southern Ontario, with 6 of them in Toronto. Waxon wax bars are decorated in calming grey and Gen-Z Yellow (the new Millenial Pink), with a lemony fresh scent welcoming you the moment you step in. They claim that their Brazilian and manzilian (yes, men get waxed there too) waxes are virtually painless, and while it’s impossible to escape the ouch factor, this is where I had the least painful Brazilian wax.
Brazilian wax: $46 



Sugarmoon is the best salon in Toronto that is solely dedicated to sugar waxing. They’re all about natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly waxing at all three of their Toronto locations. They offer full body sugaring, facials, and spray tans. While sugaring is slightly more expensive than traditional wax, it’s completely worth it if you’re someone with sensitive skin and are interested in a more natural waxing process. Sugarmoon offers wax packages that help make their services more budget-friendly. They also have special pricing for teens! Book a visit with Sugarmoon for your next Brazilian sugar wax.
Brazilian sugaring: $59 for the first time, $49 every 4-6 weeks

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The Ten Spot

The Ten Spot is your go-to place if you’re looking to treat yo’ self. They offer facials, waxing, mani + pedi, and laser hair removal. Most of their locations have a TV in the waxing room so you can rely on the Friends gang to keep you distracted from the pain of a Brazilian wax. Some of their locations serve alcohol as well, making The Ten Spot a great place for your next girls day. With 18 locations across Canada in addition to 13 in Toronto, it’s no wonder why The Ten Spot is a fan favorite. Book your next Brazilian wax at The Ten Spot and let them make you feel like a ten!
Brazilian Wax: $65 if it’s your first time, $52 every other time, or $47 if you book every 4 weeks


Where are your favorite places in Toronto to get a Brazilian wax? Are they worth it? Let us know in the comments!

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